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An Important Milestone

Written by: Director Robert Groves Today the Census Bureau delivered the final state-level files from the 2010 Census, permitting the redistricting process that will produce 435 geographical areas of representation for the House of Representatives. As with other operations of … Continue reading

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Some Early Results from the Post-Enumeration Survey

Written by: Director Robert Groves In an earlier post, “Quality in a Census Part 5,” I described how a large sample survey called a “post-enumeration survey” is used to evaluate a census. For 2010 such a survey will be used … Continue reading

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A Look From the Inside

Written by: Director Robert Groves I’m new to the role of Census Bureau Director and new to blogging. My idea is to use this blog to let you know my thoughts about how the country is doing as we approach … Continue reading

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Biography of Robert M. Groves, Director

President Barack Obama nominated Robert M. Groves for director of the U.S. Census Bureau on April 2, 2009, and the Senate confirmed him on July 13, 2009. He began his tenure as director on July 15, 2009.   Groves had … Continue reading

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