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Personal Lessons From The 2010 Census

Written by: Director Robert Groves I’m finding myself looking back over the experience of the 2010 Census and drawing some lessons learned. If we’re smart as an organization, we’ll build the 2020 Census planning effort with these in mind. Here … Continue reading

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Senseless Assaults on Decent Public Servants

Written by: Director Robert Groves Every day somewhere in the U.S., a Census Bureau field interviewer is working on one of our sample surveys. This work asks her to locate specific addresses that our statisticians have chosen to form a … Continue reading

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“Designed Data” and “Organic Data”

Written by: Director Robert Groves What’s the difference between “data” and “information?” We’re entering a world where data will be the cheapest commodity around, simply because the society has created systems that automatically track transactions of all sorts. For example, … Continue reading

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Addressing Concerns about 2010 Population Counts

Written by: Director Robert Groves With the completion of each census, as local officials examine the just-delivered population counts, many are disappointed. They are totally focused on strengthening and building their communities, and many view the size of the population … Continue reading

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Off to Help Celebrate with the Village of Plato

Written by: Director Robert Groves I’m off to help the people of Plato, Missouri, a small village in South Central Missouri, celebrate their being named the 2010 Center of Population. The center of the population as defined by the 2010 … Continue reading

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