Improvements to the Release of Economic Indicators Mean You Get Data Faster

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Written by: John H. Thompson

Every month, the Census Bureau releases key indicators of America’s economy. These indicators are critical to the analysis of the nation’s current and future economic performance. Businesses in America, and around the world, rely heavily upon them to make decisions every day.

Today, the Census Bureau announced a significant improvement in the way we release these indicators. We’ve reduced the lag between the indicators’ official release and when they are posted to the web to the smallest it’s ever been. As of today, every person in America will have access to the indicators in as little as one second after their release.

IRIP graphic final

This improvement comes in response to our customers’ requests for more timely access to our data. Because of the indicators’ value, data users such as business owners, researchers, investors, economists and policymakers want access to it as quickly as possible.

Enhancing the accessibility of our data via the web is a key aspect of the Census Bureau’s digital transformation. The new streamlined, automated method allows customers to access economic indicators on more expeditiously and efficiently by optimizing the process required to post economic indicator data to the Internet.

To view today’s release of economic indicators, click here. You can find more economic indicators from the Census Bureau at or by downloading the America’s Economy app.

For more information about the Census Bureau’s digital transformation and the release of economic indicators, please contact the Public Information Office at

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3 Responses to Improvements to the Release of Economic Indicators Mean You Get Data Faster

  1. Jeff Junior says:

    Awesome advancement, now make all government data available in the same manner and “we the citizens” might just regain faith in our government and our elected public officials that supposedly represent our citizen majority.

  2. Peter Lipowicz says:

    I have an idea about the US Census that I would like you to comment on. Wouldn’t it be nice if the current census gave you a short notes field where you could provide a message to your future descendants who may be looking you up? That way, even if some how your descendants lose track of you 200 years in the future, they can still find you on the census and get a personal message.

  3. wasimsikder says:


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