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An Important Milestone

Written by: Director Robert Groves Today the Census Bureau delivered the final state-level files from the 2010 Census, permitting the redistricting process that will produce 435 geographical areas of representation for the House of Representatives. As with other operations of … Continue reading

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The Future of the US Advertising Industry

Written by: Director Robert Groves I just got back from speaking to the American Association of Advertising Agencies conference. Like many industry groups they are filled with conversation about challenges facing their field. Much of the early session discussion was … Continue reading

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Debunking the Myth That the Federal Government Can’t be Efficient

Written by: Director Robert Groves We’re trying out some new ideas at the Census Bureau. The motivation for them is simple. We want to get better. Two things plague large, mature organizations: 1) Quasi-independent subunits not working together, jockeying for … Continue reading

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Be Careful! Labeling a County as “Dying” is Dangerous

Written by: Director Robert Groves A recent syndicated newspaper article had the title of “Census estimates show 1 in 4 US counties are dying” – an attention-getting message. It referred to estimates of the addition or decline of population in … Continue reading

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