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Some Early Results from the Post-Enumeration Survey

Written by: Director Robert Groves In an earlier post, “Quality in a Census Part 5,” I described how a large sample survey called a “post-enumeration survey” is used to evaluate a census. For 2010 such a survey will be used … Continue reading

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Be Careful Interpreting the Housing Data from the State Redistricting Files

Written by: Director Robert Groves I’ve read a couple of articles expressing shock at the level of vacant housing units in the redistricting files from the 2010 Census. I’ve also read a blog from one user who thought the totals … Continue reading

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Comparing the Official Census Counts to Other Ways of Estimating the Population Size

Written by: Director Robert Groves As I mentioned in an earlier post, “Demographic Analysis” And The Census, one method of measuring the size of the US population relies on historical birth registration, death registration, as well as estimates of in-migration … Continue reading

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