We’re Seeing The End of Nonresponse Followup

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Written by: Director Robert Groves

As of Sunday, we have checked-in to local census offices 97% of the census forms we have to complete in the nonresponse followup operation.

We do have offices that are behind the national rate and will continue to complete their work in the coming weeks. This always occurs in any large scale data collection. The variation in completion rates encourages more attention on those that are somewhat behind. Overall, the nonresponse followup operation is on schedule, and we don’t anticipate large numbers of offices requiring work beyond the deadline. I am also happy to report that we continue to be under-budget for this operation.

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20 Responses to We’re Seeing The End of Nonresponse Followup

  1. anonymous says:

    Will most Census workers be called back for Vacant/Delete and Field Verification operations within the next 2 months?

  2. No, they will not. The staffing for the upcoming phase will be reduced quite a bit per regional offices, which assumably get their command by headquarters.

  3. Black Lung says:

    Can I conclude that if I am not visited by July 31, 2010 that I will not be visited?

  4. LeeB says:

    My wife & I have volunteered for Phase 2. Our Crew Leader resigned after Phase 1 completion. Will we in fact be called back to work? How will we be contacted?

  5. Kristan Johnson says:

    on 6/26/10 a worker came to my house came through a shut gate and started trying to interact with my 3 yr. I gave the woman the answers I am willing to give. and requested for her to leave my property. the worker continued attempting to talk over me and making nasty co…mments. this has upset my mother.I then asked the lady to leave multiple more times while walking towards her car she again made nasty comments and then slapped me in the face. I dont think anyone has the right to be on my property if they have be asked to leave much less slapp a home owner. I would like to know if this is the training your workers are given.

  6. TH says:

    I work for NRFU RI division since May. I and my colleagues have come across very difficult people. Some of us get yelled at and while others get treated like we’re debt collectors and sometimes even beggars. It’s not right for any federal worker to have to face such humiliation. I know that we’re not supposed to take this personally. Most of us talk about it at the meetings and just take it as a joke. It’s still not right. Is there any way for the census office to post fines on such households? Why do our human dignity have to be compromised just because we need to get basic household information from them?

  7. geneo says:

    Yahoo, I got a call and will be involved with the next operation, Vacant/Delete Check starting ~ July 1st. It will be great to get back to work… hope this next Census operation goes smoothly and the public accepts it okay!!!
    Happy Field Enumerator…

  8. Jeff says:

    Just what I figured! The Census Bureau is full of it! This website states that if all questions were not answered you would get a visit. I DID NOT answer all of them and I did not get a visit! Did not get a phone call! Did not get a note at the door! I am guessing they did not because of all the negative comments I have left on here and they were afraid too. Please! Please, somebody come by my house! I was so looking forward to their visit.

  9. LeeB says:

    Disregard 6/25 comment. Called by new Crew Leader on Sunday evening. 6 hrs training on Thursday, then expect about 2 wks work.

  10. geneo says:

    Way to go. Hope this operation is well received by the public.

  11. LiarLiar says:

    I don’t believe one word of that.

  12. Molly Watsn says:

    I am an enumerator and for the most part I have been treated with respect. I have found, if you respect and show dignity to the respondent , that is what you will get in return. We are taking only a few moments of their time, hopefully, and should be as courteous as possible no matter the outcome. I am thankful that I have a job, even a temporary one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was an enumerator, CLA and Crew Leader. My personal experience with the Census has been one of frustration. As others have said, orders and changes that contradicted those in the manual happened repeatedly. I feel that those at the top level were more concerned about making the numbers look “right”, e.g., use of fewer proxies and identified vacant/deletes, than the actual data. For one gated complex for which we sought assistance for access at the beginning of the operation, we received no help and finally received directive to “put in a number.” Also, management didn’t care or were unaware that certain areas were harder to enumerate, e.g. lots of vacant and seasonal homes, secured buildings, etc.
    All in all, the inefficiency and waste of the operation was stomach churning, not to mention the completely ineffectual advertising campaign. To this day, I have no idea what was the purpose of the advertising featuring some of the cast of “Best in Show”. It made no sense. And, repeatedly hounding respondents with more than 6 personal visits (again contrary to the manual) just made people already disenchanted with the government even more so, and tested the patriotism of those wanting to participate in the process. No wonder the project is over budget and people think tax dollars are wasted.

  14. Mark says:

    I find it insulting that I am being called for “clarification” on the census form I filled out. I have properly filled out the form with the correct number of persons listed in the household. This is clear cut and doesn’t need any clarification.

  15. M Leezy says:

    This is in no way acceptable. Just as you would call the police when someone tries to rob you, you call for this. Not only will she be charged with assault, she is a federal employee and will be prosecuted under federal law too.

  16. I am sorry, but the first thing Kristan would have done is call the police…who in their right mind would come and seek out a blog to say they had been slapped? Of course they would have called the police, that is why I don’t believe one word of that. This is just some nut who hates the Census trying to cause problems!

  17. REDBLOODED says:

    That’s what you get for enforcing big government on the people who don’t even trust their government. And you blame it on the people for getting angry at big government asking questions they don’t have the authority to ask under the constitution.
    My best advice to you is grow a spine and stop being a cry baby, we do have the 1st amendment to say what we want… China doesn’t have free speech, maybe you should seek citizenship there instead of here.

  18. REDBLOODED says:

    There is nothing but a bunch of sheep on this discussion forum. How redundant it is for a census worker to pay for their own paycheck? It’s called a stimulus package (taxes), you’re funding your own income, how intelligent and rational?LOL.

  19. Michelle says:

    Without “paying for my own paycheck” as you state, I’m out of work and out of money. At least I can feed my kids right now.

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