A Note to my 600,000 New Colleagues

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Written by: Director Robert Groves

I’ve discovered that many of our new enumerators, working on the Nonresponse Followup activities of the 2010 Census, are Facebook fans or have looked at my blog, so this is a message to them:

Welcome to the 2010 Census!

You are the heart of the operations for the second half of the census.
To everyone you meet as an enumerator, you are also the face of the US Federal government. It’s a big responsibility; you must treat everyone with respect, even though not everyone will treat you with similar respect.

Our “customers” are those who have not yet been counted. You’ll probably meet some people with very little understanding of the census, and some with very deep understanding. Each person will have their own perspective on what we’re asking of them. Listening to what they have to say is an important step for you to effectively communicate our message to them.

You’re probably working in neighborhoods around your own home, but may have assignments in parts that aren’t as familiar to you. One of the interesting things in the job is meeting people you ordinarily would not know. It’s an adventure; remember to enjoy that part of the job.

We are relying on you – to make sure we count everyone once and only once and in the right place. We are asking about the April 1, 2010, composition of the houses you visit. You’ll probably find some complicated situations that aren’t easy applications of the training guidelines. Ask for help when you need it, to make sure we get things right.

Be careful out there. Many of you will be putting some miles on your car; be careful driving; watch out for the other guy. It is very important to me that you’re safe in the job. When a situation feels uncomfortable to you, retreat and seek guidance from your crew leader.

I also ask for your flexibility. Nothing as large as the decennial census can be trouble-free. Despite the years of development, things will go wrong. Please be patient; follow the guidance of your crew leader. If procedures change to fit unexpected situations, just follow the new procedures as best you can.

What you are doing is real public service. A census is a good thing for the society. You are part of history in the making, at the core of something that has been done only 22 other times since the founding of the republic. You should feel proud; your family should be proud of your contribution to the common good.

Thank you.

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361 Responses to A Note to my 600,000 New Colleagues

  1. Barbara Rogers says:

    So can you please call the director of the Central Brooklyn office and find out why their enumerators haven’t been sent out yet? Today’s excuse is, “Not all crew leaders have picked up their assignments yet.”

  2. Roger says:

    Thanks for a great note of appreciation. Finding the correct answer to difficult situations is the problem. I wish there was a National Website with some “Expert Census Employees” to give the answers which are the way the census want’s things done. I try to follow the manual to a T and that works most of the time. CLDs and FOSDs around the country are all having to answer these hard questions individually, and sometimes the answer from above is NOT the correct one. Some people want to design their own system based on what THEY think makes sense. I will stick to the manual for those questions that can be answered directly from it. Be Safe to all! 🙂

  3. Steve Buff says:

    Please change “policy” (at least in Washington State) to make it possible for the enumerators to be able to retain some of the historic nature of their work by keeping the Census handbags and their ID badges. Especially as a family historian and genealogical researcher in my family, I want to have something to pass down.

  4. Lara Stephens says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I can’t wait for my adventure to begin.

  5. Bill Adams says:

    Dr. Groves,
    This is my 5th decennial census working in one capacity or another. Your thoughtful message is something I do not remember any of your predecessors having done. A nice touch. You are “spot on” when you state all the answers were not covered in your training.

  6. @Steve that would be breaking both the Title 13 and 44 and the PII code.

  7. Kate Rogers says:

    A big welcome to all of our newest enumerators, crew leaders, & FOSs! We’re all temporary employees coming together under very tight deadlines to undertake a monumental task – only teamwork will make it happen. I hope we can keep our mistakes minimal, and our sense of humor engaged! 🙂 Smile, you’re a public servant, and at it’s very heart, that is a good and noble thing. Welcome to the 2010 Census!

  8. Martha Wamunyu says:

    Thanks we hit the road on Monday in Dallas n everything is going smooth.

  9. Allison Huyett says:

    From what I see with ongoing surveys, Assume an estimated 80% response rate through business as usual efforts, give or take according to survey.
    That leaves 20%.
    of those, Half are lost due to perceived errors in manners or etiquette or plain old salemanship blunders, slipups or incorrect mailing address. Another 2% have genuine family events such as death or serious illness, events which do not stop all respondents. The rest belong to a special category of persons that need respondent whisperers or special teams. For that I would have to send a scavenger hunt box like a puzzle so you would not be deprived of the pleasure of figuring it out for yourslf or the ramifications thereof. Thank you lol great blog yada yada yoo!

  10. Willie DeBerry says:

    Dr. Groves,
    You have been great for the Census Bureau. You could very well go down as the best Census Director ever, and we have had a few good ones over the years. Your common sense approach to things is greatly appreciated.
    Willie DeBerry

  11. Allison Huyett says:

    oh! I have this technique I call flagging: When there has been no response, I get one of those little flags 3×5 that are 50 cents, or some item like a USA pin, or how about those fabulous 2010 Census tablets, and I leave that at the door with my appt card. It says You’ve been flagged. It cheers some people up and it’s appropriate gift and it is a nice surprise!

  12. Allison Huyett says:


  13. Current Resident says:

    Dear Dr. Groves,
    Thank you for encouraging us to open our doors to the U.S. Census representative who comes. Sometimes when I don’t wish do be disturbed I keep my door closed; when it is open, I am more relaxed and more ready to receive company.
    Wishing you much success. We are so lucky to have you as director!

  14. Red, White and Blue says:

    oh the card above does not say you’ve been flagged, the act of giving the flag says “you’ve been flagged.’ Just give em the goods!

  15. Allison Huyett says:

    What I sometimes put on my cards: the address at top so there is no mistaking. The date. The time of day. Starting the day early is important.
    For HH that are home, they will respect you for being there unless they are grumpy morning people.
    For households out working, they respect that you were out working when THEY were out working. Then, if you or a team member goes out in the evening, they know who you are and what you want and will either happily help, let you work alittle at it, or tell you what their gripe is.
    With ongoing surveys sometimes the game is not to be what I call the easy girl at the bar who says yes to the first person. They will make you work harder so they do not seem too easy.

  16. Allison Huyett says:

    One more: Don Scott knows something about playing neighbors off against each other. He knows more about this than I.
    IN locked apartment buildings: for heaven’s sake take the manager a gift, the best field tested gift is post it notes with their first or last initial, the nice 3M ones cost a lot. The dollar store and Michaels and A.C. Moore have nice personal note pads.
    If you have to go into a business and take the business person’s time, for pete’s sake buy a cookie or a whatever they sell or if you can’t, say I wish I could afford…because I work for the government my salary is limited.

  17. Allison Huyett says:

    Only once in my encounters have I met with someone whose reply told me not to come back with such seriousness that I felt endangered. What does that tell you?
    Only once have I felt I would not go into a house with a single man because I was thinking it might not be safe.
    A couple of times I have gotten creepy vibes from a place, just from the outside and always get a team mate to go along then.

  18. allison huyett says:

    My hardest ones to resolve have been the polite refusals. There is lots of information out there for savvy ones who say no, even with ACS, which is mandatory a tragedy.
    What I have found is this: if someones says How Long will this take, it means they will cooperate.
    When someone says “Do I have to?” The best response is “We’d like you to!” or we sure would appreciate it! with a smile and enthusiasm.

  19. Allison Huyett says:

    What type of calling card does the decennial use? I feel silly, not knowing.

  20. May I be excused for a moment please? says:

    another thing that can help with the reluctant respondent is to talk about anything BUT the survey or census and ask about their flowers or something.
    Can enumerators imagine thinking through the questions they ask so the respondent gives a positive reply. IS THIS APT XX? or is this 345 Maple St. Did I catch you at a bad time if it looks like they did. BUT NEVER: DO you have a minute?
    I only ever had this backfire once, the house number was right there and she looks at me like I’m nuts and either said Do I look stupid or had that look and says: You have two minutes. When I launched into the survey, she folded. Darn.

  21. ah says:

    Sunday afternoons best time for apartments in cities, those very unknown types of places, I find. Saturdays 10-12 has been good for me; Adrienne says she never has luck at that hour, she does better after lunch.
    OH OH OH How could I forget. Many of the reluctant ones have marginal jobs and hours, including those without working papers. In fact, one of the months the light bulb went on was on a street with a mishmash of apartments, houses, rentals, owner occupieds that kind of thing. Well all four were not obtained for CPS and Adrienne and I are racking are brains and I think geez there HAS to be a connection, there has to be somthing in common and it was they all worked irregular shifts, third shift, two jobs etc. So when you disturb them during the day it’s usually faux pas and irritating to them. This is another perfect argument for using the advance carding system instead of always knocking on a door if you think they are home. Then of couse you check with a neighbor to find out when is a good time to reach the person.

  22. John Doe Public says:

    Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help!!! LMAO!

  23. Michael Weber says:

    Maybe you could tell me why the trainees who were training on April 24th 2010 and were promised to be paid on May 5th 2010 did not receive their pay? When I inquired why I was told, rather snootily, we were given the wrong info. However, the first pay should occur 11 days after the 1st. workperiod ends, which would be the the 5th of May.
    So, can I expect my pay on May 12th, 2010?
    Michael Weber

  24. Frank Hefferen says:

    “you’re a public servant, and at it’s very heart, that is a good and noble thing.”
    A public servant is a parasite to productive society that spends other people’s money without restraint.

  25. jhjh says:

    bloated wasteful government

  26. stop it says:

    Government reaching even farther into my life is just making me want to …..(fill in the blank)

  27. TD says:

    ah said
    “OH OH OH How could I forget. Many of the reluctant ones have marginal jobs and hours, including those without working papers.”
    So they are here illegally? And you think they are going to fill out a government form?

  28. Randolph Phillips says:

    This is a nice message from census headquarters. The problem is, this is the ACORN census, run out of the White House instead of through the usual channels.
    County every person sounds echoes “register and vote every voter” (as many times as possible), the ACORN mantra.
    I returned my form, so hopefully no one will come by.

  29. Dan Shays says:

    So, another 600,000 jobs “created or saved” at taxpayer expense. The April/May jobs report should be very interesting.

  30. sfdtgnfrtg says:


  31. harry satchel says:

    “We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.”

  32. Ray Strait says:

    Being a Census Enumerator has been one of the great joys of my life. I am meeting wonderful people that I never knew before, having social intercourse with some of the most interesting souls I have ever met. The work is not tiring – as a matter of fact, the time passes so quickly I easily go over 8 hours in a day without even knowing it. Also, I have the opportunity to do something important for my country and the glory of it all is I GET PAID TO DO IT! Easiest and most satisfying work I’ve ever had.

  33. disbelief says:

    600k??? Really??? Is this how the feds can claim a rise in employment figures? Pretty sad when job growth is due to Gov jobs…

  34. joe says:

    Can’t wait to go to South East DC. I hear it is beautiful this time of the year. Any help on connecting with the locals?

  35. M Cobb says:

    Can you explain to me why I sent in my census and yet I am getting harassed by a census taker? What an absolute waste of not just my time but also now my money!

  36. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution
    You will get the number of people who reside in my home and nothing else. You nutty people need to read the CONSTITUTION.

  37. James says:

    When will you give me my money? I just want my money. I know Uncle Sam has some for me. I need help with my house payment and my electric payment.

  38. american citizen says:

    cool, more wasting of my hard earned taxpayer money to count people who don’t pay taxes, so they can get more of my taxes.
    Pretty darn funny, if you think about it too long.

  39. To Whom it May Concern,
    Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information you are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address. My “name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure” have absolutely nothing to do with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau have the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3. In addition, I cannot be subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because that document trumps laws passed by Congress.
    Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894)
    “Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.'”
    Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.
    A Citizen of the United States of America

  40. Osamas Pajamas says:

    So you clowns slapped your powdered wigs upon your heads and declared that the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution was more than what they said it was — a head count. Now there’s $5K fine for not cooperating with your overpaid snoops, and a jail term. Do any of you louts recall the purpose of the First American Revolution, and would you feel put upon if you were staring down the business end of a Second American Revolution?

  41. Pat says:

    If you showed at my door as a government employee and left a message that I’ve “been tagged”, I would definitely not answer any question that you asked me without my lawyer present. Try differrent terminology.

  42. Disappointed says:

    I would have loved to have been an enumerator for the NRFU assignment and given the opportunity to continue to contribute to the Census operation. Unfortunately, I was given the GQE assignment where I worked a total six hours. Despite the fact that I was told repeatedly by my crew leader that I was doing a good job with the GQE, I was not given NRFU because only a few from the GQE were chosen for NRFU by random selection.
    Clearly, I was competent enough to get hired for GQE, but not for NRFU? Why would you need to hire and train a brand new worker when enumerators like myself already proved worthy employees?
    This redundancy is just another experience I had that showed the complete lack of efficiency with how the Census operation has been conducted.
    I am an unemployed, recent college grad who was hoping my employment with the Census would get me through the summer months. I understand it’s hard to prepare for an operation of this scale that only happens every ten years–but the poor communication, disorganization, and sheer lack of regard with how employees are treated is hurtful and nothing short of unprofessional.

  43. Patrick Henry says:

    The census needs to stop asking those questions about race. Everyone counted is HUMAN – therefore, the only appropriate racial category for census respondent/customers is HUMAN. Oh – and stop w/the telephone number business too.

  44. Tomjoy7 says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. When you can see the citizen approach the door, take a step back and SMILE!. One of my easiest lines that seems to break the ice, after I introduce myself, I say, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” With another smile, of course. My best advice is to smile at the beginning, middle and end and to thank them for their help. Then tell them you’ll see them in 10 years. Always try to leave them with a good impression, even if they tell you to get off their property “RIGHT NOW!

  45. Allan says:

    Good luck to the folks working to make this as successful, complete, and accurate a census as possible!

  46. Mark says:

    Biggest waste of tax dollars ever!!

  47. Elle says:

    All this talk of sneaky tactics and tricks to get “the reluctant ones” to answer your nosy questions are disgraceful! Are you dignified census takers….or foreign spies? These are your own countrymen and women you are talking about. Have some principles and ethics for goodness sakes…and enough pride in your country and its people not to resort to shady behavior. Geez!…no wonder people are “reluctant” to have anything to do with you. Anyway…what gives you the right to behave this way? Nothing! It’s supposed to be a simple head count…as advertised to the public…nothing more. No “ongoing” surveys, either. It is not open-ended participation. That was not the deal that was publicized. So knock it off.

  48. NunnaYourBusiness says:

    Go home people. The federal govt is too big. Census is a scam. Just cut our taxes. I threw my form in the trash. When the guy left a note on my door I politely called him and said I would tell him how many people lived here and no more. It’s no ones business what color my skin is or if I have a home equity loan. Get real US Govt. Cut taxes and stop making so many laws that you dont even enforce. I noticed that NO comments such as this appear, so I doubt you have the guts to post this one.

  49. welovetheUSA says:

    Be sure and check to see if they are Legal……thats important to your country.

  50. Charles says:

    you made drudge

  51. sters says:

    I had to quit my job as a census enumerator.
    Oh, my God! Training lasted for days, when it could have been hours. Some of the people they hired were freaking idiots.
    When I was out in the community, I was told I covered TOO MANY homes, TOO FAST.
    I was literally told to SLOW DOWN so I didn’t make others look bad. They also said (this is a quote): “This is a government job, you don’t have to work too hard.” !!!!!!!
    For a while, I just worked AS HARD, but filled in 8 hours instead of the 4 I actually worked. I was told that was OK!!!!
    I had to quit. I am not that dishonest nor lazy.

  52. Matt Barrett says:

    Wow! What cheerful drones. What part of enumerate don’t you people understand? Three people live in my house, that is all you are allowed by the Constitution to know.

  53. scott says:

    They are still having problems with finding people who will do the enumerator job, and training is still going on. I am still in training, and usually it is during the day, and anyone with a full-time job is not going to take a week off to train for part-time. Also, people on unemployment (I am one)sometimes feel they make more money on unemployment (I would) than working for the census. But, I will be in the field next week. By the way, Barbara, did you not receive a mailer, or didn’t mail it back? The mandate for the enumerators goes untill June.

  54. Michael says:

    Steve, C’mon. You must return the items so that they cannot be used again to fool an unsuspecting person in to allowing a badge-wielding census bag-carrying person into their home NEXT YEAR for very nefarious reasons. Sorry, but it makes sense.

  55. Derek says:

    I’m a crew leader, and I’m also taking part in my first U.S. Census. I love it! The people are great, and from crew leader to enumerator, we’re all working very hard to collect quality data for the NRFU operation.
    My only question is this: what is the “REP” box on the front of each EQ used for? Nobody seems to know…
    Long live the U.S. Constitution!

  56. cris says:

    As a first time census employee after 25 years in corporate planning….I am delighted with the caliber of folks working with the census.
    THANK YOU !!

  57. rimmini says:

    600,000 Jobs Created for the census this Summer.. Whoo hoo!!!!! Look at that 600,000 people working break out the champaign this is an upbeat number for the jobs report. Questio what happens whne the census is done?

  58. psprice says:

    Be wary. Prepare now. The tall man is amongst us and he is learning more each day of the wielding of his power and force. Watch, at this moment, as he lets Mother Earth bleed into her seas… for days and days. He does not fear you or I and he grows hungrier for the flesh of us all. The tall man is here and he has no foe – but The One.

  59. mark says:

    How are you guys going to count the illegals?

  60. C says:

    Howdy, question for all numerators, what are you guys doing the other
    nine years and nine months? It seems that some of y’all are third timers
    or fifth.

  61. Wdntyouliketo know says:

    Try mailing to addresses with Post Office Boxes!!!!!!!!! It’s irritating to keep waiting for the census and it never comes! Also, it is insulting to have a census taker come to the door, after you didn’t get one, and tell you they have to read the questions to us one by one. Screw that! The government treats us all like illegal immigrants even if we are native born. The government is way, way, way too big and too fat

  62. Doak Winston says:

    Why does the Census refuse to ask if persons counted are U.S. Citizens?

  63. Missy says:

    “It’s a big responsibility; you must treat everyone with respect, even though not everyone will treat you with similar respect.”
    Would that our president and other gov’t workers adopt such a great attitude.

  64. Bill Lionel says:

    haha…I’ll never fill out census forms.

  65. ss says:

    Steve is right. What will happen is people will “lose” their card or handbag in order to keep a souvenier. He is asking to change the policy so folks won’t have to lie or steal to keep something of sentimental value. At least he has the courage and principals to ask the question instead of simply playing along.

  66. UWasteMyTaxes says:

    So you have 600,000 enumerators on temporary staff, and they will be credited towards the April and May unemployment numbers.
    Once the census is complete do you intend to report these same 600,000 as newly unemployed…or will you do some slight of hand to make the employment numbers look better than they actually are; just in time for the November election?

  67. None says:

    Stranger Danger! Man, this blog seems full of touchy feely the glass is always (a little too) full” types… Just ask us the minimum required by law- “How many people lived here on April 1st?” and be on your way and we’ll both be happy.

  68. Ryan says:

    i hope ACORN people will be helping out to make sure people wont get counted more than once!!!

  69. mike says:

    These 600,000 will probably be counted as new jobs…

  70. moo says:

    lots of people just read this 😉

  71. Bobby Schmidt says:

    Say no to the census

  72. Tom says:

    And don’t forget that $25/Hr. pay rate.Isn’t it wonderful learning how to count!!!

  73. Rick Waters says:

    Why is there not a question that asks if people are in this country legally?
    That is the most fundamental question one could ask . . .

  74. Alaska says:

    Check out the Anchorage Alaska Census office…just a word to the wise.

  75. mikeD says:


  76. jerry hoyt says:

    I’m being paid a miserable $10.25/hr while Israel gets multibillions every year. Is there something wrong here?

  77. Capn Jack says:

    If this is what you have to pass down I feel sorry for you.

  78. Robert G. Kertesz says:

    Why have you wasted all the money,by training new enumerators. When we finished the first faze of the census,(delivering te questioners) we were told, that we will be called back for this phase of the the census. We were not. Now you had to re-train all new census enumerators, and wasting thousands and thousands of tax payers money. What a shame!

  79. jim says:

    You are not a public servant. You are a contract employee. A public servant has a union, a pension and benefits and much better pay than a contract employee. This could have been done with Federal workers. what a waste of taxpayer money.

  80. Bob says:

    I’d have liked to have been part of the enumarators, passed the test with flying colors, completed all the applicable paperwork only to find out in the background check my name matched up with some other criminal (or it stated I had a criminal record). I’ve been hired to other security sensitive jobs for 25 years (including FAA) and never had this issue. So as much as I’d like to say thanks, I’d have to say “for what”. I really didn’t want to go through the other 30 to 45 days to wait for the fingerprint card which I had to complete at my cost. Sorry I can’t be part of your party.
    ps: I’ve never been arrested for anything, ever.

  81. harry says:

    And remember the purpose of the Census is to apportion your eleceted representatives not pass out entitlements….The answer to the entire bank of questions is there are XYZ people in my house ….have a nice day.

  82. INFOCOMMBOB says:

    Out here in Ohio I tell citizens I am here to count you and have had no one turn me down since I started NARFU last Friday.

  83. Joan says:

    The bag is PII?

  84. Graeme says:

    sounds like the soviet union…way to go!!

  85. Mike Hewhoisfromtexas says:

    Why are households required to provide the name of each member? After all, the Constitution requires everyone to be enumerated, but says nothing about e-name-erated.

  86. Craven says:

    Dont come to my house!

  87. Mike says:

    I will open the door for em ! Then I’ll slam it in their faces. They knock again they get the surprise. Ever see a scolded dog get off of a porch? Government is nosy enough!

  88. RichieRich says:

    ..the correct answer is ‘American’.
    and, after ‘2’ is ‘3’.
    Hope that helps.

  89. Glenn says:

    I’m an umemployed former mortgage company VP. Normally I wouldn’t have taken this job but I need the income to try and keep my house.
    I’ve found the training has been excellent. The experience so far has been excellent. I’ve been impressed with all the people I’ve met in our county. I have not met any angry or vicious people so far.
    I did have a hair raising experience yesterday. I got ambushed and bitten by a team of guard dogs as I was walking toward the front door. I am partially paralyzed, wear a leg brace, and cannot run. I was bearly able to open my car door and get back in my car. That was definitely not fun but it will make for a good story some day in the future.
    I’m grateful for the income, for meeting so many nice people, and that the dogs didn’t draw blood!

  90. John says:

    So that’s where the “jobs” are huh?

  91. Connor Brock says:

    Many distrust census workers because they are perceived as aggressors. Regardless of how one feels about the common good, in the you know and they know that if they don’t cooperate they’ll be subject to the violent force of the federal government.

  92. nothanks@aol.com says:

    Just make sure you stay off my property and all will be fine.. 🙂

  93. Geoff says:

    Just remember, the only question one is required by law to answer is “How many people live in the home.”

  94. Patrick Kernan says:

    I’m a real estate agent and got a call yesterday from a Census worker asking about one of my listings. I assured him the home was vacant as of 4/1. Nice to see the thorough work.

  95. Craigo says:

    There are 4 people living in my home. That’s ALL you need to know.

  96. BigJoe says:

    Please hand out pocket Constitutions to your people. You can get them at the Heritage foundation. Your workers should have some idea what is actually required of it’s citizens as it pertains to the Census.

  97. Lance Cordill says:

    I was here.

  98. Chris says:

    What I loved is how I sent in my Census for the day after I received it and we still got a visit from a door knocker. Wow, the government never ceases to impress me with its vast waste of resources and inefficiency. Please don’t keep up the bad work!

  99. ron says:

    The census is bogus! Why not just count Social Security numbers? That would save 12 to 14 billion dollars.

  100. Kevin Petra says:

    I think they should pass a law to immed grant lifetime pensions and Health Benefits to all Census workers for their incredible sacrafice.

  101. Russ says:

    Thanks to the Albany, GA office waiting until the night before to tell me training was the next morning. Also, she informed me that my scheduled shift was from 8am to 5pm, when I specifically indicated my shift hours availability was evenings and weekends.
    I especially appreciated her hanging up on me when I gently reminded her of what I put as my availability on the application.
    I do not hold out high hopes for anything like an accurate count this year.
    God Bless America.

  102. Joseph Henry says:

    This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. So what, all of you have to count 500 people. Most of us who work actual jobs could do that in a couple days and not more than a week. This census stuff goes on forever and the cost is outrageous. Just another government program that is run awfully and just throws money out the window.

  103. Ryan says:

    He said ‘republic’ and not ‘democracy’ sounds like a smart man. There is a difference.

  104. Most of the enumerators in my area are getting O hours, but yet they are getting counted by the administration as being employed, I smell a rat.

  105. Black Lung says:

    How do I get on the “Do Not Visit” list?
    I hope any census worker that visits my home will respect the NO Trespassing sign; but if you leave a card identifying yourself it will be easier to file the charges.

  106. Tony says:

    Especially be weary of the ringwraiths – they are tenacious, but can be eluded, as they are deathly afraid of water. Safe journey, fellowship of the profilers!

  107. Thomas says:

    I was wondering why you did not send a census questionaire to my home? In fact since the deadline I have talked to many and found only one person that did receive the questionaire. If you had done the job correctly in the beginning you would not need to suplement the Federal Government payroll by 600K temporary jobs and saved taxpayers a lot of money.

  108. A Citizen says:

    I’m just an ordinary citizen, but I have a question for all of you.
    All you need to know is how many people lived in my home on April 1 and if they might be counted elsewhere, right?
    Why then questions about race? Particularly hispanic origin? Our birthdates, or any other personal info?
    And if I decline to answer these questions, how many of these “little tricks” are you going to try before you leave me alone?
    I don’t mind cooperating, but we live in a world where this info can be harmful in the wrong hands (identity theft). I’ve already had a government agency mis-handle my personal info and thier response afterward was “sorry for any inconvenience”. Lot of good that does me!
    Just asking.

  109. Charles says:

    hey why aren’t my comments showing up??

  110. mcschween@yahoo.com says:

    I can’t wait to go around asking people for their papers. This has been a dream ever since i became a liberal

  111. Census is a WASTE says:

    Doesn’t the IRS already know about everyone in the country, so the census is used for exactly what these days? Do you (Bureau) want to count people who do not pay taxes? If so, exactly what would be the purpose of that scheme, to rezone poor districts for the purpose of voting for a democratic congress that embraces the entitlement mentality? So now we create jobs by giving people a temporary assignment to work and counting it as “job creation”? Meanwhile millions of my dollars are wasted over and over again by the Census Bureau director by sending out pointless notices about my Census 2010 coming, and another notice about did I fill it out, and another reminder notice. In an electronic age and the amount of information the federal government already knows about citizens, this process is nothing but a waste of our tax dollars and citizens time.

  112. Average Legal American says:

    Enough back patting and warm tingly feelings already “enumerators”. You are working for a corrupt administration leading the country to ruin with the help of overpaid, underinformed folks looking for a hand out, not a hand up, much like the bulk of your staff!

  113. CaptainRamius says:

    Enjoying the work thus far – ups and downs like any other job.
    One suggestion, though, can enumerators in warm weather climates be allowed to wear short pants while out in the heat. Shorts seem to work and come off as professional for the US Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS and several police organizations who also spend lots of time out in the heat.

  114. Chris B says:

    wow what a waste of money you all are

  115. RichieRich says:

    Roger said,”Finding the correct answer to difficult situations is the problem’.
    answer one is,”American”
    Answer two is, “after 2 comes 3′.

  116. Mike Dugan says:

    As of 5/6/2010, I have not received a census form in the mail. Additionally, having an enumerator coming to my huse may be difficult, as I live in a foreign country. Wanting to be counted, How do I get the form?

  117. PabloHyde says:

    we don’t ask if they are illegal…. just if they were here on April 1st, 2010

  118. Hawker DeHavilland says:

    Don’t ask me for any donations.
    I gave at the Salvation Army

  119. sayWhat says:

    It occurs to me that one could refrain from lying or stealing, because its the RIGHT THING TO DO, and have someone take a picture of you and your gear as your souvenier.
    The courage and principles involved are simple, and yes they are black and white, crisp and ageless. Dont lie, Dont steal.
    Yes, it is that simple.
    Justification of stealing and lying using sentimentality as its justice? I am sentimental about your car, how about i get to have it…. Good grief!

  120. Steven L. says:

    Shouldn’t those going around collecting the data be doing this for FREE as volunteers instead of PART-TIME federal government employees who’s job disappears in July.

  121. Susie says:

    Wow. It’s really comforting to know that there are 600,000 more “Colleagues” that my tax dollars support. HOORAY for Big Government! Congratulations to everyone! You’re welcome.

  122. John says:

    lol you gotta be a blast at parties. I’m sure when you go to a restaurant and are greeted with a “sit there, what do you want? Here’s your food, pay at the door,” you appreciate their speed and disgard their impoliteness.
    Sometimes it’s good to do above and beyond what we are asked. We’re Americans, after all, shouldn’t we hold ourselves with some pride while we work? Partisan response coming in three, two, one…

  123. Rod says:

    uno, dos, tres . . .

  124. enumerator 850116 says:

    I took a week off to do my training and now the census has me on “non working status” over a stupid thing that should have been cleared up with a phone call. I sent in all the papers they requested a week ago and NO response .

  125. John says:

    You say that when you get Medicare or Social Security, unemployment or tax refunds, when we win wars or provide veterans with benefits and aid, when the police or fire are needed? Right, you don’t…

  126. paul says:

    If the government knows to send somebody to my house to count me, they already know I exist. No census workers necessary in my opinion.

  127. John says:

    Very nasty and cynical statement. Forgive me for adding to it, hoping that the old generation die off and let the new one continue the takeover.

  128. Jonas Kniger says:

    You should give these clowns ID to talk to people – so they know it is not a scam! And speak English not some stupid minority that can’t speak The Chosen One’s English!

  129. Ashley says:

    So far so great! Have come across 95% wonderful people, even in the “tough” areas. I do not push anyone to give their name…use person one, person two, etc. But before I begin doing this I mention the benefit of names for genealogical purposes…that has sometimes convinced them to give their name…sometimes not. Best of luck to everyone!

  130. paul says:

    on the contrary, i see many comments just like yours. you’re not alone!

  131. Michael says:

    While reading these posts, I quickly figured out why you all “work” for the census. Good luck!

  132. Eric says:

    Good Grief, from the main post, you would think “enumerators” were about to storm the beach at Normandy. Honestley, how hard is it to knock on the door and say, “How many people lived in this house on April 1, 2010?”

  133. UR right says:

    there you go! simple!less is more lol!

  134. Safety Concerns says:

    Please provide more information on the criminal background checks you perform on census workers. I am very hesitent opening my door to any solicitor, even if they claim to work with the census.

  135. MYOB says:

    This entire thing makes me want to puke…

  136. callmeBob says:

    “Just ask us the minimum required by law- “How many people lived here on April 1st?” and be on your way and we’ll both be happy.”
    Amen!!! and absolutely simple. Leave it to our temporary government to take something so simple and complicate it.

  137. Geoff says:

    So the policy forces people to lie and steal? Yeah that’s a bad policy.
    How about playing by the rules. Don’t lie, don’t steal.
    Great quote from unemployed scott, they make more money on unemployment benefits than working.
    Unemployment benefits needs to expire to “encourage” people to work. It should be safety net and not a hammock.

  138. who alse says:

    Some information is better than none,
    especially when all you need is the MINIMUM!

  139. Allison Huyett says:

    what would you suggest instead?

  140. Eric says:

    Seriously, being an “enumerator” is not like storming the beach at Normandy, it will not make your parents feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it will not make you an American hero or certified American patriot. It might pay a few of the bills until the idiots in Washington get the boot and a new administration jump starts the economy, but lets not get overly dramatic about the heroism of enumerators, ok?

  141. Allison Huyett says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  142. allison huyett says:

    if you don’t visit the city, the city will visit you?

  143. Allison Huyett says:

    I’m sorry. Thank you for your good hard work. Unfortunately we couldn’t hire everyone. How can I make it up to you?

  144. BroKen TeLePromPteR says:

    Probably Twice …

  145. allicat6 says:

    I wish we had more people like you!

  146. Allie F. says:

    I find this whole 2010 Census a disgrace. I have yet to receive a form – after contacting them numerous times. I live in a condominium. None of my neighbors received forms, again, contacted numerous times. This address has been active since 1992! So it is not like we are not in the tax roles! I guess Obama does not want to count tax paying home owners….only illegal aliens!!!!!

  147. sapper says:

    I find it interesting that, with all this unemployment the census is “having problems finding people to do the enumerator job…”. I know this won’t appear on web page because this sickly sweet love fest appears to be scrubbed on a regular basis, but thought I’d weigh in anyway.
    Thanks for spending our taxpayer dollars on your ridiculous Superbowl commercial and then being unable to follow up on actually doing the work. Yet one more nail in the coffin of this profoundly incompetent administration.

  148. NotStimulus says:

    I sent in the number of people that live in my house that is all you need to know please stay away.

  149. ally says:

    Dear Elle,
    You are right to have the perspective you do.
    We seek to understand. Sometimes when the field isn’t producing the yield you want and even when it is, you have to test the soil to find out what’s missing.
    Our website and our literature says we conduct our business openly and honestly and professionally. That is the highest aim.
    I probably should remind myself of that more often.I probably should ask the right questions about the decennial. It was always such a separate arm we dared not interfere or touch it. Thanks!

  150. BroKeN TeLeProMpTer says:

    Try Al Sharpton … maybe he will advocate a fat pension and twelve weeks a year vacation for you too. Gov’t jobs produce NOTHING but take more than the average American makes in benefits alone. Wanna a better life??? Get a real job in our capitalist country to get through the summer – you might actually learn something of value – the government has nothing of value to offer you … just think, a job so easy even a caveman could do it! Or simply stay in school until your thirty and hope to get that cushy government job in DC.

  151. Mike Camp says:

    I didn’t answer the census – and I told the “worker” who visited me to beat it too.
    I refuse to do it.
    Bring it on.

  152. BraKeN TeLePromPter says:

    Read the Constitution Derek … you would be suprised what you find

  153. Adam says:

    600,000? That has to be a typo.
    Oh wait…its government so it probably is about right. It would take 600,000 people to get this job done

  154. BroKeN TeLepRoMpTer says:

    Because the Democratic party would decline by 5% immediately upon discovering that they are represented by illegal immigrants. Without those votes they would have no chance.

  155. Barb says:

    Hitting the turf in a few minutes as an eneumerator, having fun with this and meeting people who for the most part have been really friendly – Stay safe to all and the most frustrating part of this has been the wind with the forms!

  156. Mick Rovinescu says:

    This census reminds me of my party card back in Romania. I was born in București and lived near Eroilor station.
    No choice, government prying, knowing everything about you.
    It sad to have escaped the terror and starvation of Nicolae Ceauşescu only to see statist tyranny start taking hold in the last free state.

  157. Dusty says:

    Betcha the oil leak gets fixed before the 600K colleagues get organized.

  158. Guillermo says:

    ss says: “What will happen is people will “lose” their card or handbag in order to keep a souvenier.”
    Wow! What kind of people is the Census Bureau employing if those employees will steal ‘company’ property? That’s criminal! I thought this administration was supposed to operate to the highest ethical standard. I guess politicians from Chicago have a different view of ethics from the rest of America. Sad, so sad.

  159. raul says:

    Great way to generate jobs, pity it won’t last long.

  160. al says:

    Visit all first month cases the first or second day and contact all houses by the fourth.lol

  161. BroKeN TeleProMpTer says:

    RIGHT ON!!!! Government is total waste and filled right to the brim with it. Proverb: It’s much easier to spend money when it is not yours.

  162. Spartan Leonidus says:

    I know the Constitution says it is counting, “PEOPLE” not citizens.
    So does this mean that since the count is used for representation in the House that ANY PEOPLE in a state move that state more towards getting another Representative in the House?
    I understand counting everyone but shouldn’t representation mean you are a citizen to be represented not a person who may or may not be here legally?
    Is that why there are sanctuary cities to raise populations to get more “Representation” for those states?
    I guess if you don’t want to enforce federal immigration law asking who is a citizen with a simple check box would alienate (get it!?) those who couldn’t legally check that box.

  163. Mick Rovinescu says:

    Spoken like a true statist authoritarian! Eugenics! Race! Religion! Blame the new lack of freedom on some subgroup (old people!)
    Your oligarchical collectivism and statist authoritarianism is exposed! The new generation simply doesn’t have the skills or the balls to compete with India and China, and couple this with suicidal anti-business state and federal government, we are doomed.
    The new generation will take over and get a drastically lower standard of living.

  164. erica says:

    we each do our part. applause.on to the next thing

  165. Mr. T says:

    That doesn’t make sense. Can you imagine the confusion if all those bags were left out there? Enumerators would no longer have credibility because the bags are not controlled. The same with badges.

  166. DontbarNunna says:

    Not only will we post it we will send you a paper shredder.

  167. Matt W. says:

    I am appalled by how much our govt spends on the census – around $40 per US citizen.

  168. hardrain77 says:

    Anyone stupid enough to believe the Census happens NEXT YEAR also…

  169. ahah says:

    lets tighten belts

  170. Winston says:

    …for a more “touchy, feely” Big Brother experience…

  171. Ayn Rands Ghost says:

    Social Intercourse I guess that is one way to get people to allow more government intrusion into their lives. Good thing we have the Census to tell us how to give money to the Government School System in order to educate the citizens. You might want to check out the link below.

  172. free range says:

    So, congressional representation is computed as a result of enumeration, but you enumerate all people, even those here illegally. Our government is completely out to lunch!

  173. Typical Government CF says:

    1) Enumerators are being told to go slowly to make the work last longer. They all have small Assignment Areas. It’s hard to take a week to enumerate 25 housing units, but that’s the plan.
    2) Far too many enumerators have been hired in our area – and they just started training MORE, even though they don’t have enough work for existing enumerators.
    3) Experienced enumerators (people who have worked well on multiple Special Census projects) were not hired. Instead, people with no experience were hired – despite local management assuring experienced people they would be given priority.
    4) Training consisted of people who had not been trained themselves just reading the manual out loud to the class.

  174. structos says:

    please be ready to fill out my Public Servant Questionare (as allowed by the Privacy Act of 1974, Public Law # 93-579) when you show up at my door…
    skeptical in Seattle

  175. Dear Prudence says:

    Dear Steve,
    I wish I could grant your wish. I’m sorry, the only thing you may take away from the Census Bureau is your genes. We appreciate that you have enjoyed your time with the bureau.

  176. Tom Anderson says:

    “A note to your 600,000 new colleagues”? All that means is that the unemployment rate will be artificially deflated while these people merely make head counts. When the Census ends, will those “600,000 colleagues” be added back to the unemployment rolls, or will the Obama administration just take credit for “creating” 600,000 jobs out of thin air?
    This is why people are fed up with Obama. This isn’t “hope and change” – it is the same old baloney, repackaged to look like new baloney.

  177. Roy Huyett says:

    Thank you for welcoming me. I want to work out for you for however long you need me!

  178. JFK says:

    this is pathetic…ask what your country can do for you not what you can do for your country…..crooked dogs!

  179. Tryon says:

    I have an idea . . . save your unchashed paycheck and pass it down to your heirs.

  180. brad516@yahoo.com says:

    Funny this is just a one sided conversation here – pro census takers. If this were a fair and balanced comment section I’m sure we would see some dissension.
    Nice, fair federal govt in play. Who do you guys thinks pays your salaries? How about a little equal time then – or is that asking too much?

  181. FBF says:

    The bathroom is over there. May I get you something else?

  182. Asher says:

    Perfect, Ashley! This is 100% refreshing and encouraging news. I like your gentle yest informative aproach. When you have some free time after this, you may also be interested in The Secret Universe of Names, by Roy Feinson…thank you. Drive safely!

  183. Reading You says:

    Dear Safety Concerns,
    Thank you for your request. Let me check with the legal department first. You are wise not to open your door to anyone you are unsure of.

  184. arlene says:

    Having trouble finding people….my daughter was hired and did the part where they went out in the middle of the night looking for homeless people, going to soup kitchens and shelters, etc… Although her supervisor highly recommended her to continue with the door to door part, NONE of the enumerators were kept on. They hired all new people. Guess this helps make the numbers hired look better for O.

  185. Thomas says:

    Just what money is that? How much have you paid in? Too many people look at the governemtn as a means to get money, not pay what they owe. There is no such thing as “Obama Money” and the government does NOT earn money. They just take money form those that earn it and spend it as they see fit because they are the government.

  186. Ridge Wheeler says:

    Dear Ms. Rogers,
    There is no excuse for that. Delay begets delay. We are so sorry to keep you waiting. Thank you for alerting our office.

  187. callmeSlamdunk says:

    you got it!

  188. Randy P says:

    This is the government we are talking about here. Nothing warm and fuzzy about it. So naive…

  189. Dick Ishairy says:

    I threw all my in the trash and quit. lol The cenus in my zip is now worthless.

  190. Satan Claus says:

    The people who require a home visit because they don’t follow procedure should foot the bill for all of these extra expenses related to sending people to their houses!

  191. A.B says:

    I’m extremely grateful that it’s been smooth here in Central San Antonio. I was pretty sure that San Antonio was one of the worst turn outs for people returning their questionnaires and my crew leader and assistants have made this as easy as they possible could. Thank you for the training and I think they shouldn’t be over looked for help for other crew leaders and guidance because they definitely have it down.

  192. Census is big brother says:

    Wow, now you census workers even result to bribery.
    Let me make it simple for you, I told you how many people live at my house and that’s all you need to know.
    Come to my door and you will be ejected from my property, by force if needed (perfectly legal under Texas law).
    Go ahead and threaten me with a fine, I’ll see you in court!

  193. mel says:

    why don’t they just count us through our IRS returns- much cheaper!

  194. jackbenimble says:

    The census worker they sent to my house to hand deliver my census form looked like she had just been released from prison. She had tattoos and piercings all over her body and her hair was flourescent pink. She was not somebody who I would want anywhere in my neighborhood let alone my home. If she is the face of the Federal Government, I now know why I totally distrust and dislike my government. I was also shocked that one branch of the government, the census, apparently does not trust another branch of the government, the Post Office, to deliver a simple piece of mail. What an ENORMOUS WASTE of MY TAX DOLLARS.

  195. BigGovernmentSucks says:

    Census workers suck.

  196. TheChairman says:

    My partner has a temp job as an ‘enumerator’… contrary to the statements by the ‘bureaucracy’, there was NO training on issues of personal safety.
    Furthermore, they have hired at least 2 or 3 times the number of people actually needed. One for every 500 people in the US? What a waste!
    So far, her local (county) team has experienced the following:
    1) All enumeration is on hold, due to ‘assignments’ not arriving.
    2) The two ‘team leaders’ and supervisors quit today (lack of hours).
    3) INCREDIBLE inefficiency; ‘supervisors’ meet (in person) with each enumerator EVERY day to collect daily time sheets (even with no work done)… this is something they could do weekly, like every other biz.
    4) Mountains of paperwork -regarding- the worker, but very little COUNTING.
    In other words, this is a giant sham to pad ’employment numbers’ while corrupting any real census. Another piece of the Constitution scuttled.
    How bad is it when our government cannot even handle the task of COUNTING?

  197. DKippford says:

    What difficult situations are there….”Sir I am from the census, how many people live in this house? Thank you, have a nice day.” That is all an enumerator (stooge) has to ask. Everything else is Federal intrusive bull crap.

  198. John says:

    Can they collect after this gig is over ?

  199. John Wesley Diment says:

    This is the ONLY government agency that will send a representative to YOUR home without any DRUG CHECK whatsoever!! If the Census person seems nervous or high, call the police immediately. You might have a drug addict at your door. The census director should be fired immediately for making such a risk with your personal life and domicile!!!!!!!

  200. Brendan says:

    You realize that an enumerator is just someone from your neighborhood working on behalf of a Constitutional provision for 4 weeks, right? Not sure how that makes them a stooge, unless you live in a crappy neighborhood and dislike the Constitution.

  201. walter rego says:

    Tell us why the census is costing the taxpayers more than double what it did in 2000 and is expecting to be massively over budget. It’s because the government proves again and again it is incapable of doing almost anything right and for a reasonable amount of taxpayer dollars. These are the same dopes who will be administering health care, if we let them get away with it. Way to go Democrats.

  202. Jane says:

    Maybe I can get an answer here… Tried local office number, “not a working number” & regional office number but lady didn’t know answer.
    Why aren’t census forms sent to post office box holders? I don’t get mail at my house & never got a census form. Was told by post office personnel that PO Box holders don’t get them. WHY??? Don’t we count?
    Thank you.

  203. smoother says:

    Hey Brendan…how’s that nastiness working for you? About as well as the Census at counting people no doubt…not too good I’m guessing.

  204. smoother says:

    Ran into an enumerator yesterday.
    His badge looked like he just ran it off on DeskJet.

  205. SLC Bill says:

    Blah, blah, blah…this is all a huge waste of time and money. Go get a real job and start paying taxes like the rest of us. Then the government can start wasting your money as well.

  206. smoother says:

    600,000 collegues will be counted as 1.2 million jobs “saved or created”.
    600,000 for the individuals hired this year to do the census, and 600,000 more for the 600,000 jobs they’re saving for the next census in 10 years after the original 600,000 are laid off in 4 months.
    600,000 hired (but fired in 4 months)
    600,000 saved for next census (in the closet I guess)
    1,200,000 total

  207. The only reason I didn’t mail in my Census form is because I new the action would employ people that were unemployed even if it is only temp work. But after reading these posts it’s obvious why some of these people are unemplyed in the first place.

  208. Francesca says:

    I hope the crew leaders try to be kind, it is bad enough to be battered and beaten down by the public, and then face the same thing from crew leaders who are supposed to be on your side.

  209. Francesca says:

    You can sure tell the people that have never done any genealogy or family history searches. The census info that was taken starting in 1790, and every ten years since, has been the only clue that many people even lived.
    This is the 22nd census. In two years, the 1940 census will be available for research, information is always withheld for 72 years.
    It is always such a thrill when I am able to find record of my ggggrandparents or others, I would never deny that privilege to my descendants, I only hope they care enough to look for me.

  210. FedUp says:

    Hey, it works for the government. Apparently they’re sentimental about our founding fathers. That’s why they keep taking all the paper I have with their photos on them!!

  211. Micky J says:

    Anyone stupid enough to think the census is happening THIS year is stupid enough to think it’s happening next year. This isn’t a census, it’s a thinly disguised ruse to get a million people off the unemployement role for a couple months before the mid-term election. Then back on the dole they go!

  212. Richard A. says:

    Unfortunately, working for the Census does not qualify you for a mortgage or a car loan. Lending institutions do not consider this a ‘permanent job’. I hope the Government doesn’t use this figure to prop-up employment numbers.

  213. mike says:

    maybe you should invest in something that has value to pass down, I’m sure your descendants will appreciate that over some useless trinket

  214. Typical Government CF says:

    Special Censuses occur for six to seven years between decennials. Logo’d items could indeed be used for nefarious purposes.

  215. Typical Government CF says:

    Around here the forms and instructions are being revised daily. It’s one giant CF.

  216. Typical Government CF says:

    See my post earlier today. In our area, they’ve hired far too many people and then they’ve told them to stretch out the workload to try to make it last two weeks. In reality, about 1/4 as many people could get it done in just a couple of days.
    They were still training people this week even though it was clear they were over-staffed. Basically they’re wasting tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on stupid things like this.

  217. Stan says:

    Fayetteville, NC. I ended my time with NRFU, turned in my material yesterday before enumeration started and after my training was completed. My Crew Leader constantly insults her people and carries out vendettas on others. Her supervisor smelled of alcohol both times I was near him. If the higher ups can straighten things out I’d love to help out. But I don’t want to be mistreated multiple times a day and treated inhumanely. There is rampant favoritism and sexual harassment too.
    Most of the people are terrific though. I just had poor luck landing with some of the less qualified supervisory staff. Some of that seems to happen because some wind up in those positions without having had to qualify. So for example I have technical experience, teach, and manage people. Yet I reported to someone on their first supervisory position ever. For example my crew leaders has an enumerator who is disappointed in how she is treated. So the crew leader’s suggestion is for one of her crew leader assistants to start going out with this other person to “help her mood”. This seems very inappropriate to me. If any of those folks complain then they will be in trouble or tripped up later on. Another case is where the crew leader’s car broke down. So now she has one of the people drive her around everywhere. Which then cuts down on how many EQ forms the driver can handle per day. So then the person will have lesser results and might be cut for that. But if they said no to taxi service then they would suffer consequences. Hope this provides some insight that can help things get better. #555837

  218. Bub says:

    The only ones who seem to dislike the Constitution are Obama and his henchmen-stooges.

  219. Sharon says:

    I’ve received a total of 5 census forms…2 of them were for one deeded parking space I own. My daughter has sent in the form and been visited 2 times by the same enumerator, who either doesn’t keep accurate records on who she counted or is padding her time card. Add to that the mountains of pre-notices, forms, reminder letters, posters, commercials, etc…what a pitiful waste of taxpayer money.

  220. David says:

    Why would a census worker ever need to enter someone’s home?

  221. Ralph McCready says:


  222. saint says:

    let’s be clear….one of those ‘courteous’ enumerators came by and kept ringing the door bell non-stop, when that did not work, this ‘courteous’ enumerator then proceeded to knock forcefully on the front door for approximately 10 minutes. my husband finally answered the door; most upset. only to discover an aggressive, rude, short, grey haired ‘courteous’ female enumerator who would not go away. the enumerator upset my husband so much, that he did not answer any questions, so the ‘courteous’ enumerator wrote “refused” on whatever form is used to transcribe this information. by the way, my spouse is 71 years old and still works 60 hour weeks as an RN.

  223. Wes says:

    I think the good thing about the Census is it allows our Congress to change their territory and allow them to spend 40 to 50 years representing you…and in the process they hire all of their family and relatives thus creating jobs..then they get pork projects that allow the people that contributed to thier election get business without even bidding on it thus creating even more jobs…just remember enumerators your a big help…arent you?

  224. TC says:

    My wife went through enumerator training, was selected as a team lead, and has been out in the field for six days now. She thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to do her civic duty while migrating back into the work force. In the short time since she began, she has witnessed and has heard of threats, bullying, harrassment, yelling, cursing and just down right bad behavior. While you might expect this from the “customers” this has been the treatment received from the supervisory officials within the Census Bureau. People have been threatened to be fired if text extends outside the prescibed boxes, yelled and cursed at for not approving suspected fraudulant timecard (and yes, for the fraud, the offender received, not a pink slip, but a promotion), enumerators have been told that they were forbidden from completing paperwork at their homes. Compared to this, the customers that peer though the windows but won’t open the door, tear up the census form, pretend not to speak english, “accidently” let their dog loose, or just refuse to answer any questions has a pleasure to deal with. So I say, thanks for the message but it is falling on deaf ears.

  225. Steve says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Now let’s get to work.

  226. Las Vegas Census Girl says:

    Yeah well here in Las Vegas they hired ennumerators (me included) I did take time off from work for training because could really use the extra money – then when we showed up for training we were told by a security guard at the training location that it was canceled. I ended up LOSING income over this. The census employees did not provide the courtesy of a phone call advising that the training was canceled so a lot of people showed up. Many were complaining about the child care they had to arrange for and pay, people who had also changed job schedules and would lose income because of this, etc. I also never received any call to advise what had happened or to reschedule the training. Absolutely horrible behavior from a government agency. I figure the census at least owes me my mileage and for the first day of training.

  227. Patti says:

    We are at full speed here in Fort Worth! Good luck to the rest of the country.

  228. Anne (Betsey) Rochelle says:

    I have been working for the Census since last April, and have throughly enjoyed each and every operation. I am a crew leader this time, and though it’s hectic, its still fun and I love my fellow Census employees. I’m proud to be a small part of this important work!

  229. Las Vegas Census Girl says:

    Yeah, they already made a mess of it here in Vegas!! obviously the people they hired as supervisors are idiots….

  230. ron says:

    Because Congress people want to count ALL the illegals and ex-cons in their districts because they get a bigger share of the kitty, based solely upon raw numbers.

  231. ron says:

    “Ran into an enumerator yesterday.”
    How badly was he/she injured?

  232. Jdad says:

    Since the bags and badges cannot be kept [for security reasons], why not take some photos of you with the bag and badge — and write a letter to your grandkids so there is a “provenance” to confirm the validity of the photos, etc. Just a thought [from a fellow enumerator in NYState].

  233. Tea Party in Dayton says:

    As a tea partier, I care about the process. I signed up to work the census so I could see how it worked from the inside. So far, I’m impressed. Many of my co-workers are laid off from other jobs, and are thankful to have an opportunity to work. The background checks were thorough and taken seriously. It’s also been a good opportunity to explain the Constitution to people who don’t understand why we are counting ourselves.

  234. Tea Party in Dayton says:

    no…no possibility of unemployment or other benefits, unless you are injured on the job. It’s classified as temporary work.

  235. Tea Party in Dayton says:

    We are being told that if we don’t produce, we will be replaced. I don’t know how things work in other area, but Dayton, OH seems pretty efficient.
    Our training consisted of reading the manual, completing test questionnaires, going out into the field in pairs to do some questionnaires, taking a test, and then being shadowed during our first week on the job. What else would you suggest?

  236. Tea Party in Dayton says:

    We fill out an application for employment and take a test. They call back the people who have done the best on the tests and have the cleanest application. Then, on the first day of training, we are all finger printed and it’s run thru the FBI files. If the FBI can’t read the prints, then you have to go to the main office and get reprinted.
    An enumerator should not ask to enter your home. It doesn’t take very long to collect the information…maybe 10 minutes for multiple residents. They will have a badge on a lanyard around their necks, and we were issued florescent orange vests with the words “census” on them…a fashion-forward garment, I’m sure!
    If you have any questions, look up the local census office and have the number ready to verify when they show up at your door. Or, if you have your original forms, give them the filled-out form when they arrive….end of interview!

  237. Tea Party in Dayton says:

    Fabulous! Maybe your state will lose a congressman and we’ll gain one! We’ll take all the electoral college votes we can get. Or don’t you know that’s why we take a census every 10 years…it’s a constitutional thingie

  238. Julie says:

    Why is it I got a letter saying I needed to fill out the paperwork when it came; I filled it out and returned it; I got a letter a couple of weeks later thanking me (or reminding me again – I can’t remember); and then a couple of weeks after that I had a person show up at my door to ask me the same questions I mailed in?

  239. Peter says:

    Take a photo.

  240. Peter says:

    The census bureau is not dormant for 9 years 19 months they do stuff every ywear I think. Getting info for Bigger Government.

  241. PA citizen says:

    The American Community Survey is an invasion of privacy, unconstitutional and should be abolished. The government has no right to ask how much one makes, how I get to work, how much my mortgage payment is, race, etc. Shame on a government that is so intrusive. The congressional committe that provides oversight to the commerace department on this is asleep at the wheel. They should all be voted out of office in November.

  242. NRFU 2767848 says:

    Got my first WHUHE today. WooHoo!

  243. NRFU 2767848 says:

    So asking your name and your date of birth is “reaching even farther” into your life? It’s not that big of a deal.

  244. Jan says:

    Today, I compleated 4 days of training, getting paid for learning what I was already taught six weeks ago as an Enumerator. Had to do the whole swearing in thing, filling out forms again. Most of the people in this group were also recalls. Where can I send questions about being hired to do this efficiently next time? I have MANY suggestions. Oh, and I never got a form at home.

  245. Dan says:

    FOS 07 reporting:
    Why are the written instructions so inadequate when it comes to refusals? What to do in case of refusal is simply not addressed in the manuals. I was told in a conference call today that we are not to accept refusals. If the enumerator cannot get the info, then the CL must get the info. If the CL cannot get the info, then the FOS must get the info. My district is 2400 square miles. I can’t follow up on every refusal. Moreover, the manuals say not to exceed three personal contacts, but the orders coming down from RCC say keep going back until you get all the info.
    Some clarification on this would be appreciated.

  246. NRFU 2767848 says:

    Here in Lakeland, FL. we got approval for shorts this week. They said that there really isn’t a written dress code. I guess it depends on the office.

  247. NRFU 2767848 says:

    There’s a bunch of homes in my assignment book that are now vacant. A few are empty lots. You may not live at the same address you had on 1 April or 5 years ago.

  248. Matt says:

    Anyone tell me why our government can’t let us provide our answers over the phone, or print off a survey online and send that in? To complicated for our government that wants to run health care now I guess…

  249. Matt says:

    Except for the folks like us, who were never MAILED a copy, and when called in said they couldn’t send me another copy, couldn’t answer questions over the phone, on the internet, or even print off a new copy to send back in. Useless gov’t…

  250. 2010 Enumerator says:

    The people that developed the policies, training and questionnaires are your typical moronic bureaucrats.
    We have to repeat the questions verbatim. We actually have to ask a person if they are male or female. We have to ask a person their name twice within 10 minutes.
    I agree there should only be one question, how many people live here.
    The confidentiality hyperbole is also laughable. They give us less information than is found in the white pages, and make a big deal over protecting it with your life. I will protect myself and my family with my life, but not some stupid list of addresses. They instruct us that if the information is lost we have to call in a special team. What a joke.
    Finally, we are census takers not enumerators. Stupid government newspeak.

  251. Bill Jones says:

    Stay off my property, seriously. ;P

  252. 2010 Enumerator says:

    Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders are a joke. They all started the same time as the census takers. Typical over staffed layers and layers of management.

  253. 2010 Enumerator says:

    I agree that the census is intrusive and unconstitutional. That being said, much of the outrage is over dramatization. Be polite with the census takers, most of us just need the income. You can make up answers, or refuse to answer any question that you think does not deserve an answer.
    For those of you tough guys, remember many states have CCW laws. Some census takers may be CCW holders. Your dogs may get shot.
    Finally, it is not trespassing to knock on a door.

  254. Barry Wood says:

    Wrong. It has always been understood that the government is authorized under the Constitution to inquire merely as to the “number of people” living in a given house. The very first census, in 1790, undertaken when the ink was scarcely dry on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, recorded the names of the heads of households and broke down the residents by age, sex and whether they were bond or free. The names were essential because otherwise households could have easily been counted twice, or skipped altogether.

  255. Tea says:

    Imagine that. Gov’t workers so worried about keeping their “papers”. Didn’t the President say it was unamerican to have to carry papers? By the way, O seems fond of the whole “bagger” tag. So, can lets call census workers carrying bags and holding papers “census baggers”.

  256. doug says:

    Actually it’s kind of a tough job, I’m working it and well some of the neighborhoods are sketchy to say the least (condemned vacant buildings, No Trespassing signs, barb wire, shattered windows, Large dogs, angry people who dislike the government you get the drift), plus it’s a government job so there’s a lot of paperwork, protocol, organization and being held accountable for stuff. I dunno you can hate the census due to the intrusiveness if you want, but don’t come with the attitude that all the enumerators do is walk up to a house with a perfect smiling person at the door to greet you.

  257. Rhonda P R says:

    Dress better than the customer but not too much better. Be warmer and fuzzier than the customer but not too much warmer and fuzzier.

  258. Hieronomus Bach says:

    with care and accuracy

  259. Cone Post says:

    halto, por favor

  260. robert malcolm says:

    Stay away from my house

  261. gambler says:

    CaREfuL WIth tHE MErchaNDICE!

  262. callme Crazy and late for dinner says:

    thank you This post helped save me tonight and if you accept his answer through me, will save another visit. Is it possible for other S/FRs to help this way and save the extra trip can you overlay the surveys with Decennial and combine in one stop shopping?

  263. Allison says:

    one horse shoe charm for you! Collect all four, five

  264. Diana says:

    One man’s drudge is another man’s business.
    Dado Demure Guy

  265. Knew_PERspecTIVE6&7& says:

    There are, unfortunately, far fewer writing positions available than we have applicants. Bless you! We appreciate your business and we like to keep busy too! Thank you for writing and keep up the good work.

  266. Knew_PERspecTIVE6&7& says:

    There are, unfortunately, far fewer writing positions available than we have applicants. Bless you! We appreciate your business and we like to keep busy too! Thank you for writing and keep up the good work.

  267. Knew_PERspecTIVE6&7& says:

    There are, unfortunately, far fewer writing positions available than we have applicants. Bless you! We appreciate your business and we like to keep busy too! Thank you for writing and keep up the good work.

  268. Goodkind says:

    Dear Francesca…
    If you only knew how much we want to keep you strong, so you may see we are on your side always.


    Each regional office might want to place a cactus in the 9 area of fame and reputation or select a star for your desks for protection in the field.

  270. bubba says:

    How about dealing with your Silverdale WA office. I have never seen a group of more incompetent people in my life.
    They issue a directive one day only to contact CL’s the next and retract tit. In other cases their directives are confusing and contradictory.
    Now their tangents are in regard to refusals. They want us to contact the same people a second and third time after they have already refused. In most cases they are already hostile and giving the occupant the whole “the census is for schools, govt funding, and representation” spiel on your 2nd attempt falls on deaf and very hostile ears. Were also told to cross property that is plainly marked as NO TRESPASSING, including making our way around locked gates. Our Supervisors claim we have the rights as postal workers but refuse to give us anything in writing to back the claim, and of course they will be nowhere to be found if the owner of the property reports us to the police. Property rights may not mean much in the Seattle area but in rural Washington NO TRESPASSING means exactly what it says.
    Also getting the daily calls and emails from our CL’s telling us that Silverdale will terminate our employment if we get overtime gets a little old too. Most people I know are averaging 6 hours a day and are getting nowhere near 40 hours a week. This is especially bothersome when the Silverdale office has been getting overtime for the last three weeks. Maybe if they cut down on all the meetings where they issue more needless directives they might get back under 40 hours a week.

  271. Rusty Red says:

    how mucha wanna bet?

  272. Luke Lee says:

    The way you put it sounds like a bargain – let’s slash prices!

  273. chicken cluck says:

    Speaking of lunch, do you ever ask guests in or give a stranger a glass of water? I wouldn’t.

  274. Nancy says:

    The census “person” has been here twice and gotten the same information twice. IE: There are two people living in this home”…
    That is ALL the information that I am required to provide according to Federal Judge Nepolitano and according to the contstitution for the united States of America.
    I have seen videos and have been told that census workers act like government spies and are attempting to intimidate people with threats of ‘Jail and fines’. They are standing on my private property when they come to my door, so if one of them attempts to use that approach with me… they will be told to remove themselves IMMEDIATELY to the public street.
    The got the only lawful answer that I (or anybody) is REQUIRED to provide and nobody will every get more.

  275. bubba says:

    One more thing
    The census in this state takes micromanaging to new levels. We must meet daily to be critiqued, drop off our pay sheets, and receive yet new directives from our Silverdale office that are either non applicable or contradictory.
    Our CL’s are micromanaged to the point that they must call the office to inquire about the simplest questions because the main office doesn’t think informed workers are good workers.
    And what is it that you must hire by location? I have two degrees and found most of my training seemed geared for the dumbest people in the room. What is the point of scoring high on the test if your going to hire people who can barely read the manual? Why are you hiring people who have no transportation and rely on transit services? Are you people aware that most mass transit doesn’t run anywhere near farm country?

  276. flowier says:

    Well my original issued badge looks like I have a purple line straight across my brow between the eyes like I’m slated for execution.
    Did you confront him:”Did you just run that off on DeskJet?”

  277. bubba says:

    Better yet Mike I was promised 40 hours of training and I received roughly 20 (lots of 4 hour days). I was told upon hire that I would average about 30 hours per week but so far I’m getting 20 at best. Most of this is due to our regional office in Silverdale not having any binders ready sometimes two days after you finished the last one. Then the CL’s have to spend a day going over all the mistakes and inserting useless topographical maps.
    And how about FIRING enumerators who have been given their first binder but have yet to make one contact (keep in mind most are about to take their third binder in my group)! Others spend more time bsing with people in neighborhoods than they do actual enumerating and they turn around and charge the taxpayer for that time. What a crock!

  278. bubba says:

    If I go over 8 hours I get terminated (keep in mind I just drove 46 miles round trip today). So what’s your secret to not being fired?

  279. bubba says:

    Wear something tight and bring your kneepads?

  280. bubba says:

    I never enter any property marked as No Trespassing even though it has put me at odds with my CL and regional office. What amazes me is how many gullible people I work with think they somehow have some special super power that enables them to disregard a private property sign.

  281. TheTableperson says:

    it is a delicate balance and your four points will be reviewed.
    In the meantime,
    How bad could it be to consider RFD tags instead?

  282. Nick Dorazio says:

    I would like to know how many views your 63 languages of the “It’s Easy” video got, language by language. I know that on YouTube, the Swahili version got only 61 views. My parody of it is getting thousands more views than that. And why did you produce a Chuukese version when there are reported only 45,000 Chuukese speakers in the world. How much did this cost per Chuukese speaker.

  283. Bruce Kaye says:

    Best of luck to you all from someone who worked the 1980 census. I had lots of fun..had to spray a few dogs and deal with a few who had their own own, unique thoughts on what the constitution says. Interesting on a few comments on the board…we are asking fewer questions on this census that they did in 1850!

  284. Tim says:

    Keep your unconstitutional census off my property. 3 people live here. We are all Americans. Race does not matter. My name does not matter. You do not need to know what I own. You got the number of people in my house. Don’t come back.Thanks.

  285. Dumbo N. Dummerdrum says:

    Because you are more intelligent than the government to waste your time in such ridiculous pursuits. It’s a good thing we have you to help show us the right way. You go!

  286. bubba says:

    No drug test, and we actually fingerprinted each other in our first day of class! The CL’s and Supervisor was clueless how to properly do it so I (former corrections) and a retired police officer did the fingerprinting.
    I found out the other groups in the area did the same thing sans anyone who was experienced in taking fingerprints.

  287. Tarragon says:

    The correct number is 1-866-511-5822 and we deeply apologise for the inconvenience.
    Post office boxes are given special treatment and I cannot imagine how we missed yours. This has never happened before in the history of this census!!! We count you in.
    You are welcome.

  288. Redner's says:

    feeding time at the zoo

  289. Brandon says:

    “The common good.” A load of Marxist crap!

  290. Jane says:

    Collect what? Themselves, belongings, their pay, unemployment, matchbox cars, autographs, what, John?

  291. silkier says:

    Dear smoother…
    1.2 million jobs is 1.2 million jobs whether they are colleagues or collegues
    how did you figure that out?!
    we reserve the right to shell out what we ditch
    600,000 trolls is a lot of trolls

  292. Lens says:

    Enumerators: fill out occupational data by any means. Refusals and suchlike will only extend your working weeks. Do your footwork before turning in a half completed and unusable form.

  293. Jill B. Quicklee says:

    She was. We hired her. Those are government issued tattoos and piercings designed to protect her from harm. The hair is to make people think she is a little girl and therefore harmless. We knew you would see through these things, complete the transaction and give us your prompt feedback. we selected you personally, not your address as a quality control check and YOU MAY EXPECT A TAX REFUND from us via the Post Office because they can be trusted

  294. Mirtha Washington says:

    you poor thing you lol lol your woik is not your wirth

  295. Brad Alan says:

    Please keep this confidential; we have already ordered golden Bat statues for your crew leaders, they prepared and prepared and prepared as if for Broadway. we are extremely grateful you took the time to tell us and we thank you all for your remarkable efforts.

  296. Fructose says:

    would you like fries with that?

  297. Marsalis says:

    …be nice..

  298. Tim says:

    @enumerator 850116:
    Do you really mean that an over-sized, bloated government bureaucracy is somehow inefficient and can’t get even the basics right? Unbelievable!
    Most census workers will likely have their paychecks extended until October. That way, the real unemployment numbers won’t look so bad until after the election. After all, if the government “employs” millions of extra people, the big government types will have “solved” the problem.

  299. Purrfect Landing says:

    you are now free to move about your cabin
    please observe the no smoking signs in the restroom
    we hope you enjoy your flight

  300. Felix says:

    Sweetness and light to my ears – we have some flag kites for you when you get back from the field!

  301. Sandler says:

    done? that is a type
    hold on…it’s government, so it would take 600,000 job drones.

  302. shirley says:

    Dear Raul,
    isn’t it a pity we never met before. Here’s to life.

  303. Boot Up says:

    You go, Mike. Sure, we’ll Count you out. You and how many others at this address April 1? The rest may answer for themselves.
    Then you can go.
    See you!

  304. UPSetPackage says:

    No wonder we kept hearing voices and didn’t know where they were coming from that package without the return address thank you.

  305. N.R.G. says:

    dear sapper,
    People to do the enumerator job are required to pass a test. Some applicants question their own commitment to the task after they learn about the working conditions and hours.
    We do not mean to be cloy or clean up to be a mobbed scene.
    When we work on next years budget we plan to include your input. We are always looking for good people and think highly of you. You have my word this administration will not be in place in ten years.

  306. works for me... says:

    we know you exist, it’s how many are existing with you on April 1 that it is necessary to know, in addition to you, at your house

  307. Susan B. Anthony says:

    I’m hmmm speechless.
    Stay positive and if just one hair was raised in ambush, you are indeed fortunate. The paralysis will wear off when the bare brace scares it away.
    I hope you and your grandchildren like Mother Goose, because census stories may be seen read or heard only by people who have sworn to protect Census data.
    I’m grateful you are part of this superb team of 600,000 enumerators.

  308. A Thinking Man's Enumerator says:

    The Census should wake up and realize the handbag is NOT any kind of identification. Its like a stupid hat or T-shirt. Unlike the ID badge that has numbers to check, the bag is really meaningless. Its a piece of junk like the Iraq security force hat that I bought for $2 in Florida at a thrift store!
    Please note, that a handbag is NOT an ID. Why pretend it is? Anyone can get a photor or scan in a census bag into a computer and prepare a transfer or print out something and sew it up! People do this all the time to copy T-shirts and sell them around concerts as unknown fakes. The bag I carry has no unique features like a hologram. Census, Are you Listening? Don’t make the mistake of telling people it has any more significance than a hat, a t-shirt or a towel or they will craft their own on computers and print them out and really fool people.

  309. NoOne says:

    The census is run by the government, right?
    Sure glad health care isn’t…. It is???
    Better put in for my 2015 physical now if I expect it
    to get scheduled on time.

  310. joe says:

    Do Squidbillies get counted?

  311. Jim Whitehead says:

    Genealogy doesn’t work very well here in Virginia. Its too remote for young people. I point out that its protected by law for 72 years and anyone who discloses their confidential info can go to jail for up to 5 years. I give them a positive reason — each person we find brings in an average of $1800 in benefits a year for schools, libraries, playgrounds, etc. improving our community. When they really balk (often at children being hidden from another parent) I ask for at least the first name and get an age or birth date. Hope this helps.

  312. Disappointed says:

    Or maybe I can sit on my computer all day railing against the government on some obscure official’s blog.

  313. Jason says:

    Yes, let’s allow them to keep those souvenirs at taxpayer expense. Are you people idiots? Do you think my boss will allow me to “keep my car” as a souvenir? That’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard. You can’t steal so much as a pen at taxpayer expense. Only thieves would ask to keep taxpayer property.

  314. Cathy says:

    I am an enumerated stooge with a college degree..25 years business and management experience…My CLA (Crew Leader Assistant) has a Masters Degree in Art…If we are stooges, I guess she is Mo and just call me Curly!!
    I decided to work with the census to take part in an historical event..counting the people…I want my state to have the correct representation in government.,
    How intrusive is the questionnaire? How many live here? Name, age, sex, race…what’s so intrusive about that?

  315. micola says:

    All of the people who have traced their ancestry through census records would argue that having a name attached to the household was an invaluable tool for genealogy research. Asking a name is not new, irrational paranoia is.

  316. micola says:

    Perhaps you’re right…your heirs doing genealogy research probably won’t want to know you were in the family.

  317. Gator says:

    ss said in reply to Jaeda Alexander… “…so folks won’t have to lie or steal to keep something of sentimental value.”
    Really?!? “So people won’t “HAVE” to lie or steal…”?? Incredible that your integrity (or lack thereof) allows you to see it as acceptable to lie or steal in the absence of getting what you want, regardless of law or rule.

  318. Carol Studie says:

    I recently participated as an enumerator in early NRFU. The area had a heavy population of students, and our job was to follow-up early before the students went home for the summer. The idea was good, however the design of the early NRFU was flawed. Many people who had bought into the census message had complied and sent in their questionaires right away. They felt betrayed by me being there when they had “done what they were supposed to”. They also thought it was a “waste of money”. I was trained to follow the regular NRFU procedures. In general that worked, but the whole process would have succeeded much better if we could have added a question to our spiel. After introducing ourselves and showing ID, we should have been instructed to ask the question-“did you complete and mail back your census form?” If they said yes–then we should thank them, and go on to the next on our list. If they said no–then we should complete the questionaire with them. Our early NRFU was halted mid-stream, and I suspect it was because of so many negative responses to our follow up visits. I know I received some very negative responses myself.

  319. Good Grief, it said FLAGGED….not TAGGED!

  320. Connie says:

    I have worked two phases of this census. I worked Update/Leave and then the NRFU. I worked as a Crew Leader in Missouri. I am not sure how it is working in other parts of the country but for central Missouri it has been a mess. There is no organization to the local office. They were completely unprepared for the startup of the operation NRFU. We were then instructed to do things that put our crews in danger though throughout the training we taught that safety for the most important thing to the federal government. As a result my FOS resigned under the pressure of forcing our crews to do dangerous work. I have worked under two FOS’s and she reccommended that I be appointed to replace her in the FOS position but because I didn’t run straight to the office after the Crew Leader meeting it was given to a brand new, fresh out of training Crew Leader. I have worked above and way behond my job responsibilities for this organization and that was the thanks I received. I resigned my position as Crew Leader after feeling like all the work I had been doing meant nothing. Anyone doing this job knows the work and hours we have been putting in. So excuse me if reading these blogs seem to be somewhat out of touch with what is actually going on inside the Census Bureau. I hope others of you are not having the same negative experience we have had in our area. Good luck and please be careful out there doing this job.

  321. Connie says:

    Man after reading all the things other workers are posting from across the country I realize it isn’t just Missouri that is a mess. Sick of being told one thing and an hour later something else. If the offices would leave the crews alone the work could actually get done. They drag their feet then push for numbers. There is no supervisor it is just whoever answers the phone that day…and that changes day to day. New people all the time that don’t have a clue as to what we are doing. So Mr. Director…read the post and figure out for yourself how it is going.

  322. Johnathan says:

    Better be careful where you try any of that BS,,,, in many places, you will be whistling when the wind blows,,,,, and the homeowner will be in the clear since you, (or any enumerator you are referring to), bringing a weapon onto THEIR property. A CCW won’t protect you in that instance.

  323. Johnathan says:

    The Census has become a fiscally bloated joke.
    It cost about a PENNY per person to conduct the first Census.
    Today is costs about FORTY-SIX DOLLARS per person to conduct the 2010 Census!
    Even with inflation, that is absolutely ridiculous.

  324. Milar says:

    The Census Bureau could save ALOT of time/money if they pre-screened large apartment buildings by sending ONE person to the business office to determine which apartments were vacant, currently and on Census Day. The business manager would be the proxy for all those. Simple. But no, we are ordered to first knock on each door, in person, at least twice, each time fumbling with our paperwork, having driven, at taxpayer expense, halfway across the city to get there.
    My address list included several non-existent units which could also have been deleted by the same method. But I wasted time looking (the security guards were clueless), having been forced into the field on the weekend when the office was not even open.
    I am happy I have the job, but I hate inefficiency.

  325. M Janis says:

    I was a Crew Leader in the 2000 Census. One of my enumerators was bitten by a dog and I had to meet her at the ER on the 4th day. I wrote a very polite note to our local newspaper in “Letters to the Editor” column asking residents of my county to please keep their dogs leashed. 2 months later my crew finished our county and helped finish up another by deadline.
    “After” the Census was complete my supervisor informed me that I would no longer be eligible to work for the Census again even though that was the nicest letter he had ever seen.
    What I want to know is why are you using GPS on our houses now? THAT’S intrusive!
    I’ve waited 10 years for this opportunity to say… go screw yourself.

  326. DLS says:

    Wrong, DKippford. From factcheck.org:
    “The Constitution (in Article 1, Section 2) does more than merely “allow” the government to count the population every 10 years — it requires that an “enumeration” be done “in such manner as they [Congress] shall by law direct.” Congress started with a simple count in 1790 — asking only for the numbers of free white males and females, slaves and other persons. But by 1820 it was also asking how many in each household were “engaged in agriculture, commerce, and manufactures.” In 1830 it asked how many were deaf, dumb or blind. The questions directed by Congress grew increasingly detailed through the remainder of the 19th century, and in 1902 Congress established the Census Bureau as a permanent agency.”

  327. DLS says:

    If it’s raining or otherwise unpleasant outside, it’s courteous to allow them to come into your home. They don’t “need” to, it’s just a nice thing that people do for their neighbors.

  328. April says:

    I just finished my first week and I have no problem getting people to be open with answers. I am getting honest answers even when the household total exceeds the associations limit for that unit. If you do this right the way we were taught, and I explain the confidentiality is one of the oldest laws we have since it all started in 1790 people seem to trust. They need to trust you before they worry about trusting the government so I come off as a fellow neighbor doing my part to make sure we get a fair share of Fed funding for our area. People will never trust “big brother” but they will be more open to a friendly neighbor. I am enjoying myself meeting people and in such a negative news driven world, i find enlightening to see how many families are like mine. People wanting a decent place to live and raise their kids. This job has given me a bit more hope on humanity.

  329. Cathy says:

    I never received a form and have not been approached by an interviewer; how can i be sure i am counted?

  330. cynical says:

    The first page of this blog entries says there are 326 comments.
    Are you censoring them, or did they accidentally delete themselves?

  331. Cynical,
    Please read our comment policy.

  332. John Wherry says:

    There are a lot people not responding to the notice of visit papers in my area and others not wanting to be interviewed for the Us census right now. I will continue to try to get the interview asked for, but it is dis-hearting that people do not want to help.

  333. E. Numerator says:

    We meet with our supervisors every day before and/or after our work and are checked up on in the field. Also, we had to be present for 3-4 days of training before even going out into the field. Anyone with drug problems would have been noticed long before they became a danger to anyone. Also, we are fingerprinted prior to being able to go out into the field. Fingerprint cards are immediately sent to the FBI before anyone can start work. Any problems that come back, that person is IMMEDIATELY put on temporary suspension (no work or pay) until the problem is resolved.

  334. 'nough already says:

    Mr. Groves —
    All I have to say is that the community they sent me to today was a far cry from the communities featured in the census advertising. I realize these people need to be counted too…it’s just not going to be by me. I think the Crew Leaders need to pay more attention to where they are sending the women…the guys get the apartments and the gals get the trailer parks…
    May want to give this one some thought

  335. ‘nough already, Bring your issues to your Crew Leaders attention.

  336. Francesca says:

    The US census becomes a historical document. The info it contains will be released for research in 72 years. If your family is missing, or incorrect, you may not care, but as a genealogist knows, your descendants will care, as they struggle to find you, or gather wrong info.

  337. cpk says:

    A temporary federal employee does NOT necessarily have union rep, benefits or a pension. Get your facts straight. And what federal workers would you have do this work? The guys at the Social Security office? The Farm Bureau? The IRS? Have them shut their doors while they go door-to-door? These census workers deserve your respect. They are no different than you except they don’t whine.

  338. If you don’t have an assignment, then you aren’t getting counted as employed.Those who don’t have an assignment are in “non-work” status. Again, a fine example of someone speaking when they don’t have all of the facts. You think you know, but in all actualtiy, you have no idea how data is reported and what goes on the reports in the Regional Offices.

  339. I have to ask, do you have your name and address on your personal checks? Your birthdate? Do you have your social security number on the tax paperwork you mail in when filing your taxes? Do you throw your mail away in your trash after reading it? The information the Census asks is minimal, especially in comparison to how people really endanger themselves every day when it comes to personal information they have floating around. Why only question the Census? The Census is the ONLY government agency that is not allowed to share your personal information with ANYONE, not even another government agency. The Census takes a lot of heat for asking the least intrusive questions out of any other government agency. It just baffles me as to why people think the answers to these questions are so invasive when they put more information on a toaster warranty card.

  340. Picturepeg says:

    Connie, I am really sorry to hear that you are having such problems in your area. I live in Clark County, Nevada and so far as I am know we have not had any serious problems, even with our very diverse population and demographics. I have had a few people who are hesitant, but for the most part when you explain the importance of the numbers for federal funding for schools, roads and such which are in tremendous need of more funds people begin to come around. There will always be a few with anti-government feelings. I have read a few of their blogs here sadly. I don’t think we should be doing this for the kudos or appreciation of superiors, neighbors or anyone else. It is an important job, no matter what some of these naysayers rail on about. You are doing a great job, and the vast importance of it may only be seen when your state reaps the rewards in the funds it receives from our Federal tax dollars for the vital services and infrastructure project that are so greatly needed by everyone, even the naysayers! So don’t give up or let frustration get the best of you. We all just need to be organized and professional and hope our fellow enumerators and management will be the same. Kudos to all of yes who took on the huge and important task!

  341. Judy says:

    so much anger
    I am an enumerator and proud to do it
    The anger of people in this country will be our downfall

  342. AshamedofYou says:

    Actually, you are wrong. ANY Census worker that is laid off (not terminated for performance issues) for lack of work, will get full federal unemployment benefits. You should check your facts and be informed before you speak.

  343. happy girl says:

    If only asked the minimum questions as you say, it would eliminate the questions that are providing data needed for numerous government programs, that offer educational, health and financial programs just to name a couple. If you take the time to think about the questions and what the answers could be used for, you would realize the positive impact that anwering them could bring.

  344. me too says:

    I’m sure you have the right to refuse to answer any questions that you want to, but keep in mind that the other questions are not for determining House members, but like I have said before, the help the government issue appropriate funding for federal programs for several different social and non-social issues….

  345. CC says:

    Hi I am a proud CLA/enumerator! I enjoy doing my job, and I am good at it. I even enjoy Refusals, approach is everything, as is pleasantry. I am happy to say that my team, only 2 weeks into NRFU is nearly halfway done with our caseload. Looking forward to more!

  346. I think that those that do not participate by filling out their Census forms, or refuse to give the enumerators the information, should have a penalty enforced upon them. If you do not want to help with allotting the funding that benefits all communities, then you should not be able to take any part in using that funding. Whatever the funds benefit, from schools, to roads…etc…you should NOT benefit from them. I think it should be legally enforced. If you don’t like our government, there are plenty of other countries to go live in! It is the law to fill out the Census, and it isn’t enforced due to people already being weary of the government, because of people that refuse, that ruin things for others, they should be fined or do jail time for their refusal. MOST people pay their taxes due to the consequences of not paying…those are enforced…do the same with the Census.

  347. Shawn says:

    Funny thing about all the negative folks out there: If they simply filled out a Census form with ten simple questions a ten year old can answer, there wouldn’t be a need to send folks out to knock on their door.
    Y’all missed the part where he said that the reason for the other nine questions (after “How many people live here?”) is to make sure that everyone is counted once, and in the proper place. You complain about government spending your money unwisely…imagine how much more money would be wasted sending funds to places without knowing for sure how many people you were sending it to. Names, age and birthday, race, etc, are all verification questions to make sure that John Q Doe in Atlanta hasn’t already been counted as living in New York. The statutes cited by the Census Bureau give the government the right to ask as many questions as it takes to get the count right, and no more. They also guarantee under penalty of law that the only information shared to anyone else, even other government agencies, is a headcount. You don’t get that guarantee from the IRS, the Welfare office, or any other agency you give way more personal information to every day.
    Good luck to all of my fellow Census colleagues. From the responses in here and from what I’ve heard from my crew, we’re gonna need it.

  348. enumerator says:

    And how does that differ so much from the questions on the 2010 form? Name, gender, birthdate and age, race, home ownership. That’s it. It takes maybe 5 minutes and is in no way intrusive. All of that is publicly accessible information, in fact.

  349. enumerator says:

    I love your attitude! Thank you!

  350. enumerator says:

    Amen, brother! Best job I’ve ever had; I love it. Every day is an adventure. We do meet the most interesting people, whom we would never run into otherwise, don’t we?

  351. enumerator says:

    The telephone numbers are only used to check on the veracity and accuracy of the enumerators’ work.

  352. I'm Nonpartisan says:

    Sorry. I’d love to keep mine as well, but people could use them to pose as Census workers. You would never do such a thing, but you never know what could happen. Have a member of your family take pictures of you with your Census gear for a scapbook page. That’s what I’m going to do.

  353. I'm Nonpartisan says:

    Yep, just like ten years ago the very same! And twenty years ago, just the same! And thirty years ago as well. And you know what? If John McCain had been elected president, there would still be a Census and these same jobs would all have been filled.
    Or do you think President McCain would have done otherwise?

  354. I'm Nonpartisan says:

    What I tell people is that sometimes a machine will eat up a form. It happens. Better to be sure than not to be counted.

  355. come one now.... says:

    Just a thought, try and remember that back when the census began in 1790, the leaders of what then was a new nation, debated over these details, including whom to count etc. Considering that Blacks were originally only counted as 3/5th’s of a person and Native Americans were not counted at all, instead over bickering over this Constitutional event, shouldnt we all do what tiny bit of a civic duty that we do have as Americans and just participate in the census, after all it only happens every 10 years. Do we not have more valid issues to address with the government, rather than wasting precious time and webspace arguing about something that is going to happen reguardless. There will never be a total agreement of the American people in what the Government is doing, isnt that the basis of the bi-partisan type government anyways? The census is here, can we just all participate, even if you only wish to give a “headcount” and drop the meaningless babble that is only going to end up continuing argments that are not necessary.
    And as for the generation dispute, there are bad apples in every bunch, dont limit your view on any group, based on the actions of those in power. If previous generations had tried to place those with the intelligence and efficiency in positions appropriate, instead of placing in those positions those who favors are owed to, relatives, and those who got there due to effective lobbying, maybe this younger generation that I am a member of, would have the experience and perception necessary to lead our generation while we take care of the generation before us, that as of now has not left us with much of any type of standard of living…..

  356. sheri says:

    What is the story with unemployment insurance? I had been laid off four weeks when I was hired by Census. At the time I qualified for 14 weeks benefits and in the end did not claim a few weeks I could have. By the time my (clerk) job ends, I will likely be past the 14 weeks. Would UI be recalculated as if I had been laid off from any other job, will be it like the clock stopped when I got hired by CB and started again when my employment ended, or ???? I’m trying to avoid that by doing some resumes and interviews in the meantime.
    Either way, in my case benefits would not really be based on CB employment (since a new UI claim disregards the most recent calendar quarter) but would be based on my previous employer.
    I tried googling for information but any search using “unemployment” and “census” just yields census data about unemployment, not unemployment pertaining to census workers.

  357. Ofcr Crum says:

    Form D-26.

  358. done says:

    agreed DKippford. meanwhile i filled out and sent in my census form and am being hounded by rude and bullyish census workers who say that they dont have it and that i obviously did not send it in. i read today that regional census offices have lost a whole bunch of forms and when they lose yours they come to your house and MAKE you tell the same info to them AGAIN. bullies, threatening me. this is what my taxes are paying for?

  359. Hi, good posting about colleagues . I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your blog.Thanks.

  360. PWC Motor says:

    Being a Census numerator is hard. But it’s a real public service.

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