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Written by: Director Robert Groves

Today is your day! If you don’t mail back your census form, a census taker will visit your home to ensure that we accurately count each person in the country. It costs $0.42 for people to mail back their form, compared with $57 for census takers to visit each home. After the 2000 Census, we returned over $300 million in savings to the federal treasury because mail rates exceeded expectations. We’d all like a repeat in 2010.

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14 Responses to Today is The Day

  1. SJ says:

    Never received a form. Called the number – no response. Tried to locate my local Census office – no address or number was given – just a generic dot on the map.

  2. Rural says:

    If they had mailed me one I would have filled it out. Maybe it is because I still have a Rural Route address. It would make sense to send them in the mail to RR addresses as well as street addresses. It seems like a waste to send someone out to take information from people in rural areas when it could have been accomplished through the mail.

  3. Bob says:

    I live abroad. I’ve never received a census form by mail. Should I have?

  4. Bob, The Census forms were sent to residences within the United States. Census forms were not delivered to p.o. boxes and were not forwarded.

  5. SJ, Please try to contact the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center again at 1-866-872-6868.
    Also you can pick up a form at one of our Be Counted sites.
    However, if you are unable to locate a Be Counted site in the geographic area that you selected, try another geographic area close to you.

  6. J.Rivera says:

    It would be nice if people like me that ask for everything to be sent to my p.o. box would actually be fowarded there.I would’ve loved to fill out the form on time without any problems if it was sent to my box. Many other places send things that arent that important like magazines,coupons,etc..why not the census form?

  7. J. Rivera,
    We don’t send the form to PO Boxes, please see the directors’ post on this topic:

  8. S, Asbury says:

    Can you imagine the thousands of people that has P.O. boxes. That should show Obama another way the goverment could save thousands of dollars. We all know the goverment are big spenders. Alot of people, I mean alot of people in every town in the U.S. I’am one of those people.

  9. Jeff says:

    Like I have posted her before. I answered question 1. That is all they get. I could care less what it cost to come to my house!

  10. Jackie says:

    Why did the Census Bureau promote the Road Tour Show and March to the Mailbox campaigns? In the past, I do not remember an advertising blitz such as this one.

  11. Jackie, The essential challenge for the Census Bureau is that because the census happens only once every 10 years, many Americans are unaware of when it happens and how they participate. The goal of our promotion efforts is to raise awareness of when and how the census works. We have a very limited window of opportunity to achieve our goals and must continue promote the 2010 Census raise awareness during the entire operation. The Road Tour and the March to Mailbox campaigns are initiatives that were used to raise mail back response rates.

  12. Carla Lovato says:

    My husband and I did not get a form, neither did many of the other people we know. How accurate can this process be if many people are missed–And others get 3 forms in their mail. I also have a post office box in my town. Mail delivery is unavailable at our home — Doesn’t it get expensive visiting people in their homes?
    Just wondering — are we eventually going to get a form?

  13. Mary Daigle says:

    I live in rural Virginia and no census workers have came to my or my neighbors house to do the census…why is that and what are we losing out on because of it and there are so many unemployed here ti is very heard to believe that they can’t get anyone to do the work that is just plain stupid and I fo one am not happy that the Government waited so long and let us get past the deadline…what is going on?

  14. andres luna says:

    1stlet me say that by no means is this comment geared at the census process and its ultimate goal which will benefit us all but at the waste of dollars utilized by the entire effort that is sending interviewers out into the field with addresses that don’t even exist when these issues should have been cleared through the postal service’s mailing logs that clearly identify valid and active addresses which can either be done with a simple phone call to a us postal representative before having to put anyones safety in jeopardy by sending these people who clearly need a job and want to do it well into unknown neighborhoods in pursuit of an address that may not even exist, in example an interviewrer that walk back and forth for almost an hour
    in my neighborhood lkg for at least 30 individual apts that were suppose to exist at our particular address,how stressful it must be for these poor individuals that are subjected to the “NOT SO WELL PLANNED OUT” PROCESS. And to make matters even worse I’ve recently become aware that my daugheter&niece were bothjust hired by the census bureau and will be working out in the field interviewing strangers and they will be ALONE with no one to stop or prevent an attack on these young girls in the event of anything happening including accusations against lone interviewers, really shows a lawsuit or worse in the horizon for anyone having to sacrifice working as a census taker.Do the right thing and don’t put ANYONE’S life at stake for the glory of showing how much you saved the goverment or your superiors at the expense of some poor SOUL who is obligated by our economy to take such chances.SEND TWO INDIVIDUALS WHO WHO HAVE TO SWEAR IN THAT THEY WILL NOT LEAVE THEIR PARTNER FOR THAT DAY ALONE FOR NOT A MOMENT DURING THE INTERVIEWING PROCESS OR EVEN TILL THEIR BACK AT HOMEBASE.This i’m sure will prevent anyone’s life from being put at risk & also prevent possible accusation’s against these workers.

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