March to the Mailbox And The Final Blitz For Mailing Back The Forms

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Written by: Director Robert Groves

On April 10, we’re launching our March to the Mailbox campaign as the kickoff to the final seven days of the 2010 mailout/mailback operation. We want to remind folks that they need to step up and do what their neighbors have done. In many, many areas of the country the majority of the forms have been completed and returned, now about 75 million households!

The March to the Mailbox is another example of how a successful census depends on local energy. Throughout the country thousands of volunteers have stepped up to coordinate parades, rallies and walks over the next few days to spread the word that if you haven’t sent in your form yet – don’t worry, there’s still time! This grassroots effort is aimed at reaching the hardest-to-count neighborhoods in America. Most of these areas will also be receiving a second census form in the mail this week, giving residents a very easy second chance to be counted.

We’ll begin the countdown phase of the mailback period after the March to the Mailbox.
At the end of our countdown, we’ll begin our transition to the non-response follow up (NRFU) phase of the census. Starting May 1, we’ll be sending out around 700,000 census employees to conduct personal interviews with residents around the country. During an operation this large, we’re bound to have an overlap between those who’ve already sent back their forms and also receive a visit from a census worker. We have taken steps to maximize the efficiency of the NRFU operation, and ask that you cooperate with census workers as best you can.

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5 Responses to March to the Mailbox And The Final Blitz For Mailing Back The Forms

  1. Jeff says:

    Do I get a visit if I didn’t fill out all of my form? I fail to see the importance of a lot of your questions, therefore I only answered what I thought you needed. And I WILL NOT give you any more than what I gave you. I know that you do not actually fine people so your scare tactics will have no effect on me.

  2. Harold W. Buck says:

    What is a URL?
    How do I get a form?

  3. Susan says:

    We have received two forms, at the same address, after the first one was filed with all 10 questions completed. Our Daughter also received additional forms at here address after she completed the first form and mailed it back. All the forms have the proper form numbers and seals. Why the waste of tax dollars in not managing the mailing lists properly?
    What about those individuals who don’t have a phone? My neighbours do not have a land line nor a cell phone so they left the questsion blank. Now Census is going to send someone out to bother the eldery because they can’t afford a phone? What a waste!

  4. Steven Hendel says:

    I did not receive a form because the Census has the wrong postal address for my property. (I know this because I got a letter from the Census that my form was coming, which was addressed to the wrong post office, but was kindly forwarded to the correct post office – unlike my Census form.) I patiently waited for today and called the Census automated number and requested a form to be sent to the correct address. But I see that all the forms are due in 4 days! Assuming that I finally do receive a form and send it in, will it be counted?

  5. steve says:

    It is now the second half of May and I still see the March to the Mailbox signs in the area. Are they suposed to be removed sometime by someone?

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