If You Got a Form, You’ll be Counted in The Right Location

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Written by: Director Robert Groves

I need to make sure that we all understand that there is a difference between the address on the mailings you receive from the Census Bureau and the physical location of your house.

Some of the addresses on census forms list a city name that is not yours (some even arrive without a city name). Don’t worry.


The 2010 Census mail-out is the largest single delivery ever undertaken by the United States – over 120 million forms were mailed this week. To streamline delivery in a mailing this large, addresses in a particular ZIP code sometimes were all labeled using a single city name that is valid for the ZIP code, even though some people in that area usually receive mail addressed to a different city name. The Postal Service does not have a problem with this because for many addresses there are multiple city names that are perfectly acceptable for accurate delivery.

If you got a form at your address, you’re fine. Fill it out, mail it back, just as it is. We will place your return with the right area. If you got the form, we have coded your house to the right geography.

Please submit any questions pertaining to this post to ask.census.gov

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77 Responses to If You Got a Form, You’ll be Counted in The Right Location

  1. Roger Helmick says:

    We have been interviewed by a census worker, recieved a letter of form to come, the lenghty form arrived, we filled it out and mailed it as instructed, recieved another letter of form to come, recieved a shorter form, which I will fill out and send as instructed. I called one of your workers and questioned about all of this and concern of double counting, or are we to recieve more.
    As a taxpayer, I object to all of this expense and demand of information concerning more that how many people live at this address.
    Roger Helmick

  2. Adelina Katen says:

    I just want you to know that I and my family feel very offended on question #8. I am a Mexican American, but by you guys using “Chicano” is very offensive that is a slang word for a Mexican, Mexican American. I see you don’t put “White,”White American” or “Okie”. Also, Negro is not nice for Black, African American. I feel you need to correct this situation next time you send out the next census.
    Thank you

  3. wayne lucas says:

    i would lik to get my form

  4. C Frey says:

    What will you do to make sure the address used in the advance letter and the census form next time are the same? The bar codes are different on the 2 pieces so how can I be really sure the 2 people at this address will be credited to the right city in my county? There is no excuse to have the 2 addresses be different or to not be able to have the address totally correct. Yes, there are 4 cities that have this 5 digit zip code and tens of thousands of households. Having an incorrect address undermines confidence in the accuracy of the results. Yes, I know the 9 digit should specifically identify my household but will it? Some people when they see the two addresses are different will cross out the barcode because they didn’t go to this website and see this lame explanation for address inconsistencies.

  5. Jones says:

    I am very concerned how the census envelope on the outside can say “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW”. I actually open the envelope to take a look at what it is all about and all I see is it wanting names, birth dates and race information. Someone help me understand how this census helps me or the economy with those questions. It would be different if it was asking questions about jobs, unemployment rates and what I thought would help our economy but its nothing like that at all. Maybe this is why so many Americans just toss it in the trash can.

  6. J C says:

    I’m curious as to why we are still classifying citizens and residents by race? What purpose does it serve? I noticed that we’ve at least gotten past this separation for the “white” classification – ex. not asking German, Irish, French, etc. At what point can we just all check a simple American citizen box or resident? I’m of the opinion that classifying Americans with a hyphen just perpetuates the idea that we are different based on skin color. People are people. Thank you for listening.

  7. Anastasiya says:

    Can I print out this form, as I recieved and put somewhere. Now, I can not find it.

  8. Sarah says:

    How do you know what language is spoken in a specific home? And if you don’t know, then why have you not, at the very least, included instructions in Spanish. I am not Spanish, nor do I speak it. I was just thinking, how do expect a home that houses maybe 10 people, that ALL speak Spanish and no English, to to reply? If the entire thing came in spanish, without a lick of English on it, I certainly wouldn’t be searching out a translator. Truly, just a curious question; it just seemed like that would have been considered, I mean, with the rapidly growing minority groups.

  9. Mayor Kitching says:

    That may be all well and good with you but let me assure you it is not acceptible with the citizens of our respective towns! You did not ask our permission to mask our identity, and we fully resent your actions. This has created a nightmare of confusion and complaints for our village.

  10. Mayor Kitching says:

    Perhaps this is perfectly acceptable to you and the Postal Service, but my citizens and those of other Villages beg to differ. No one at the Census even atempted to ask or notify us of the mailing debacle and that you would take it upon yourselves to mask our idenity is unacceptible. This has caused a great deal of unnecessary confusion and complaints from our community. I think it now, highly unlikely that an acurate count will be obtained!

  11. nuolga@aol.com says:

    Why are you segregating Spaniards!! as latino/hispanic?
    Are they not on the European continent??
    Last time I checked they are european cuacasians!!
    This is discriminatory and requires a law suit
    Why are the French, Italians, Greeks, or Portugese being singled out!!!!
    Oh you people have started an anti movement!!
    It disgusts me how the civil rights movement was for nothing.
    how laws put into place, so that we have the right not to pick race or ethnicity are being tossed out the window!
    Yet you want to force us to answer!
    This is criminal!

  12. veggie says:

    who is the united states to determine who is not european, as they have with Spaniards!
    Why did they pick on spaniards?
    what happened to italians, french, greeks, portugese?
    This is racist!!

  13. Ellen S says:

    I have received the form. NO WHERE on the form or on the instructions does it say WHEN to return the form. The instructions, received March 17, say to “complete the form TODAY” for data on April 1. The form should have provided a deadline by which to return the form, e.g, “complete this form on April 1, and return it no later than April_____ in order to be counted.” This deadline should have appeared on the envelope, form, and instructions if you want a good return rate. Thank you.

  14. Jayelle says:

    What about those of us without a house. We are fulltime RVers. We are domiciled in SD but we will be in AZ on April 1. We don’t want to be counted in AZ. We want to be counted in SD where we are domiciled.

  15. Richard G. Campbell & Sheila A. Campbell says:

    Some how my form has been misplaced. How do I go about getting another one sent to my home?

  16. Richard G. Campbell & Sheila A. Campbell says:

    Some how my form has been misplaced. How do I go about getting another one sent to my home?

  17. Richard G. Campbell & Sheila A. Campbell says:

    Some how my form has been misplaced. How do I go about getting another one sent to my home?

  18. Becky Johnson says:

    I too am offended by having to fill out these forms. Enough money is being wasted as it is without giving out more to be wasted. The government,( State, Federal and local) needs to do as the people of The United States has had to do..tighten your belts and control spending. I have had to take my time off and fill out this form, so that there will be more wasted funds…I work for a living and my time off is mine…Should we be required by law to fill this out then we should be paid for our time..The money being used for this mailing, the people gathering this information could be better used elsewhere. As it stands now with gas prices people wont be driving so why do we need more roads. The questions on these forms are illegal to put on an employment application. Hmmm go figure…

  19. Donald Gibby says:

    I am appalled at the quality of the 2010 census! This is absolutely the most useless census since 1840. All you seem to be interested in is name, age and race. That may be all you, personally, are interested in, but what about employment status and occupation? Isn’t that important to the economy? What about education, place of birth, citizenship, immigragion, language spoken, number of children born (for mothers), whether attending school or level of education, disability, etc.? These are all things that were recognized as important 100 years ago, and they are equally important today. How can you possibly judge the economy accurately without knowing exactly how many people are employed or unemployed, disabled, retired? Since a large portion of tax allotments goes toward education, wouldn’t it be helpful to know how many people are attending school, completed high school or dropped out, or attended an institution of higher learning? Since so much of our grocery money goes to other countries, wouldn’t it be helpful to know how many people live on farms or are involved in the farming industry? How can you claim to know anything about a community if you don’t know the average income level or the approximate value of real estate? The 2010 Census is a disgrace and, in my opinion, totally useless! So why should I bother to fill it out and return it? You’ve wasted our tax money on this project, which will obviously have to be followed up by an interim census before 2020.

  20. I participated in the 2010 census and had a concern on the wording. When it came to nationalities I noticed it had the word “negro” on it. I was so sure that by now we as a country have gotten away from the word “negro”. When it came to other races there was not a bunch of different discriptions and why is it not “redneck,honkey or cracker on it? Because we have as anation have gotten passed that.


    Why? Why should i fill out this form. Why should I fill out this form when I don’t have rights in this country as everyone else does. I am a Native American Gay Male. my husband and I are not able to take advantage of all that is offered to everyone else. So why should I stand up and be counted for someone else’s benefit. If my relation ship and my marital status don’t count in this country then why should it matter if We are counted. I think I will pass. Please don’t bother sending anyone to my house with the threat that it is against the law. why am I even bothering to type this out. I am sure it will never make it on the blog…….
    One uncountable person in the United States of America. the land of the free. (“OH PLEASE”)

  22. Jim R says:

    Sadly, this posting by the director is incorrect. Real example: My cousin lives 8 months of the year in Indiana. She votes in Indiana. She considers the Indiana Representative to the House to be HER representative. But for 4 months she lives in Texas in a community of snowbirds in a trailer park. Those four months happen to include April 1. She got a mailing at the trailer park and, presumably, in Indiana (she doesn’t know because “Resident” mail is not forwarded). She will send in the form she got in Texas along with the box checked that she lives elsewhere as well. But since “elsewhere” is not defined, she will not be counted at her home residence. And when the census worked go to her home in Indiana (since the mailing there was not returned), they will find no one there. And they will go back two more times to find no one there and then mark it vacant. The FAQ (answer 8702 at ask.census.gov) clearly shows she should be counted in Indiana but the census bureau procedures used guarantee she will be counted in Texas. Great for Texas, Bad for Indiana. Bad for the census bureau budget as well since the estimated cost of non-response follow-up is about $75. Wasted money because the bureau folks didn’t have their thinking hats on.

  23. Anastasiya,
    Please wait until April 12th; if you do not receive a replacement form by April 12th please call the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at 1-866-872-6868. (If you prefer a Spanish-speaking operator, then dial 1-866-928-2010.) The lines will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (your local time) seven days a week from February 25, 2010 through July 31, 2010. For the hearing-impaired, TDD 1-866-783-2010 (during the times noted above).

  24. John J Malesich Jr. says:

    I just opened my census form envelope this morning ( Friday 3/19)…. I recieved it Wed the 17th… The cover letter in the envelope clearly states in big, black, bold print,,, ” PLEASE complete and mail back the enclosed census for TODAY.”.. The very first question on the actual census form ask, ” How many people WERE living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?” It is not possible for me to answer the first question accuratley today!!!! I will have to wait to midnight 4/1/2010 to answer that question accuratley, as I am a taxpayer, a veteran, and a concerned American citizen who wants to get my moneys worth with the census numbers. I want then to be accurate for at least one day,,,, April 1 2010!!!
    By 2003,, isn’t this just what we found to be wrong with the flawed 2000 census???? For the $800 million dollars this census is costing us,,, it is a PITTY shame that the Primary directions are SO SERIOUSLY FLAWED!!!!!!!!
    I am fowarding a copy of this post to the White House………..

  25. Kevin says:

    A quick comment for your advertising. Your sponsorship of a NASCAR car was mentioned on the Speed Channel during practice. It reminded me to fill out my form and put it in the outgoing main.

    The 2010 Census will be the first to report counts of both same-sex partners and same-sex spouses. The person filling out the form (Person 1) is asked to identify how all other individuals in the households are related to him or her. Census data are based on how individuals self identify and how couples think of themselves.
    Same-sex couples who are married, or consider themselves to be spouses, can identify one other adult as a “husband or wife.” Other same-sex couples may instead decide to use the term “unmarried partner.” In general, people who identify as unmarried partners are in a close personal relationship but are not married or do not think of themselves as spouses. Census data are based on how individuals self identify themselves, regardless of any state or local laws or regulations governing such relationships.

  27. Sarah,
    The Census Bureau decided to use a bilingual (English/Spanish) form for 2010 to targeted areas. The goal behind the 2010 bilingual stratification was to reach the maximum number of housing units that may require Spanish language assistance to complete their 2010 Census questionnaire. We used American Community Survey data from 2005-2007 to identify the housing units that will receive a 2010 Census bilingual questionnaire.

  28. Donald Gibby,
    The information which you are referring to is now collected by the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is officially part of the decennial census and includes essentially the same questions as the long form. But rather than once a decade, the ACS is sent to a rolling sample of addresses every month, every year, throughout the nation. By 2010, the new survey will yield current annual data for all geographic areas of the country in the form of single- or multiyear estimates. For more information about the American Community Survey, please visit the Census Bureau Web page at .

  29. Deborah Simmons says:

    It’s not clear when to return the form – right away or after April 1st

  30. Nuolga,
    We collect data as guided by the OMB statistical policy directive. OMB defines these guidelines for consistency across federal programs.

  31. please return the form upon receipt

  32. John,
    April 1, is a reference date, please return the form upon receipt.

  33. JimR says:

    So we are deliberately ignoring people who die or who are born between now and April 1st

  34. Rutherfordkim,
    please see the Director’s blog entry on the word negro :http://blogs.census.gov/2010census/2010/01/the-word-negro.html

  35. JimR,
    We are conscious of the census’ role in the United States, the greatest being our responsibility to meet our Constitutional mandate of counting every person living in the United States. To meet this mandate, we have learned that people are more likely to mail back their census form if they fill it out and send it in immediately after receipt. April 1, 2010 is a reference day.

  36. Jim R,
    Your cousin could pick up a be counted form at one of our be counted locations.

  37. Richard,
    If you have not received a replacement form by April 12th call the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at 1-866-872-6868. (If you prefer a Spanish-speaking operator, then dial 1-866-928-2010.) The lines will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (your local time) seven days a week from February 25, 2010 through July 31, 2010. For the hearing-impaired, TDD 1-866-783-2010 (during the times noted above).

  38. Judy Stevens says:

    I have a question we have to fill out a form ok how are the homeless counted they are still part of the county ok

  39. Judy,
    The mission of the census is to count all people living in the United
    States. This includes people not living in conventional housing who
    might be found in emergency and transitional shelters, soup
    kitchens, regularly scheduled mobile food vans or other locations.The primary method for including people experiencing
    homelessness will be through an operation called Service-Based
    Enumeration, which is conducted at selected service
    locations, such as emergency and transitional shelters, soup
    kitchens, regularly scheduled mobile food vans, in vehicles or at
    other locations. Individuals will be counted at these locations if they indicate they have no usual residence elsewhere.

  40. Barbara Zack says:

    I can’t even get a form. I do not receive mail at my physical address. I called the phone number trying to get a form sent to my mailing address. After 20 minutes of listening to questions that had nothing to do with my problem, I screamed into the phone which got me connected to a, more or less, human being. This was a woman with children screaming in the background. She was not allowed to speak to me. She could only read “verbatim”, her word, from pretty much the same list of questions that do not pertain to my problem. I told her I did not have a form, but she had to ask me what the number on my form was, even though she knew that I did not have one. I gave up and hung up. So I’m sure I will be harassed repeatedly and maybe even be sent to jail 🙂 for not filling out the form that they refuse to send to me. Your tax dollars at work in the usual incompetent manner we are used to.

  41. Cynthia G says:

    I moved to another town, county, and voting district since the 2000 census, in which I participated. I haven’t received a form, although my neighbors have gotten theirs already. So, I went online to the official Census 2010 website to find a phone number to call. The 2010 census official website provided the phone number, 1-866-6868, which, according to this website, is specifically there to provide forms to people. So I called. I answered all the questions leading up to requesting the form (which I don’t have, which is why I called!) and the recorded message asked me for my “census ID number” which can be found on the form I received!!! I thought, “Well, that’s idiotic.” The recorded question was “do you have a census ID number, please state yes or no? I said “no.” The computer said, “We’re sorry we cannot help you at this time.” Arrgh!
    Talk about incompetence!!! The phone message explains nothing. It only said “No” to me while my tax dollars are being spent in a big way to promote the census and encourage people to participate. Well, I have a life. Can someone who’s making the big bucks at the Census Bureau get on this case regarding how to receive a form? I’m not going to talk to a census worker — I don’t have the time and all I want to do is be the good citizen that I am and fill out the bleeping form.

  42. R Pinney says:

    I live on the edge of my congressional district (rural). My mailing address is the same zip code as a town 3 miles away in another district. Some of my neighbors about a mile away have already been annexed by this town. So some of their count will be attributed to this other dictrict because of the town residency, but will they end up in the correct congressional district? Will I be counted correctly with my zip code being the other district. I do not want to be counted for this neighboring town. How can the census be sure?

  43. JimR says:

    I believe the law says to count everyone living in the US on census day — April 1. You have mailed the census forms two weeks early, and then requested an immediate return. The form itself clearly says “count the number of people living here on April 1” — you might check http://2010.census.gov/2010census/how/how-we-count.php) or, the law itself: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode13/usc_sec_13_00000141—-000-.html.
    I would hardly call it “simply a reference day.” The timing of the mail drop could easily have been closer to April 1. There are some slight variations regarding soup kitchens and shelters, but they are quite slight when compared with a two week black hole the bureau has created.

  44. JimR says:

    My point is that the Director said in his blog “If you got a form you will be counted in the right place.” That’s wrong.
    In fact, elsewhere there is the recommendation that the snowbirds lie on their seasonal form by answering question 1 with zero (the number of persons who live here) and then, as you suggest, take the further step of picking up a form at the “be-counted” location. The non-response follow-up teams will still visit the house in Indiana and cost the taxpayers extra money whereas the problem, and the subsequent hoops that you require citizens to jump through, could easily have been avoided with a little forethought.

  45. ex-employee says:

    I filled out the 2000 census on-line. Presumably it was a pilot project . I was a full time census employee at that time -10 yrs ago. With the web achievements during the last 10 yrs why isn’t an online option provided for 2010 ?Surely it would have saved a lot of money .

  46. DC says:

    Wondering if I got scammed. What is the difference between the 28-page “The American Community Survey” I received and returned in Jan. 2010 (with a heck of a lot more personal information to Director U.S. Census Bureau, P.O. Box 5240, Jeffersonville, IN 47199-5240), – versus the “Census 2010” 6-sided questionnaire received this week to be returned to 2010 Census Data Capture Center, 4417 West Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85097-1111? Both questionnaires have cover letters from Director Robert M. Groves, they use the exact same presorted first-class mail permit No. G-58, and have all markeings as from the U.S. Dept of Commercie Economics and Statisticcs Administration, U.S. Census Bureau. There were multiple notifications from Robert M. Groves in Jan. 2010 re: the American Community Survey. Did I get scammed??? It even asks what time you leave for work (!!!), how you travel and whether this is temporary!!! Wouldn’t burglars love to have this information.

  47. R Pinney,
    If you received a census form at your home, your return will be counted in the jurisdiction where your home is physically located.

  48. Sandra H says:

    I am so disappointed in the procedural muckup that is the census in my location. I have been told that I will be counted in another county (not the county where I live) because my mailing address is a rural route of the other county. Irony is that I wasn’t mailed a form, it appeared on my front door knob a week before we heard on the news that mailings had begun.
    One neighbor (3 miles up the road) shares a mailing address with another domicile. He saw one Census bag swinging from the double mailbox only the other resident got to it first.
    Another neighbor was passed over and told upon inquiry, “Don’t worry, you and your kids have already been counted [as of Mar. 15] in another state.” His kids are grown up, moved away, and this man has lived in this state for over 20 years.
    A third neighbor who received and filled out a census form in their home state last week, came to their vacation home to find another form awaiting them swinging on their doorknob.
    Alot of money spent, much ado about 10 questions, and my little rural community of 200 ends up as much as 10% off on the count, which doesn’t even count for the community we live in! I wish I didn’t think that this exercise is just practice for the way we’ll be counting votes in November!

  49. jp says:

    Unless you live under a rock and don’t know about the census there is no reason to waste taxpayers money by sending all this mail in regard to the 2010 census! I think I speak for myself and many others. This is ridiculous!

  50. Be realistic says:

    People are people, yes. But statistically, different races, ages, and concentrations of people require different assistance in the form of health care, emergency access, school locations, etc. Regardless of how much the US is trying to see everyone the same, it is impossible to overlook the rather large variation of needs by different populations. If you don’t give the government the information they’re looking for, you are very literally only hurting yourself adn your community.

  51. monica nelson says:

    I agree about the word Negro. When we come out of the dark ages? We are not Negroes 2 whomever was responsible 4 that status!!!!!!!!! R u predjudace? I didn’t appreciate it along with sssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooo many others.

  52. Deanna Mobelini says:

    This is the second time I have asked a question and gotten no reply. How do I ask someone if my census report has been received? I got a “card” from the United States Dept. of Commerce today asking me to mail my survey in. I DID THAT the day that I got my census form. WHy would I receive this card? Am I counted? Why rhe unnecessary, confusing card be sent to me?

  53. Gary says:

    DC, the American Community Survey isn’t a scam, it’s another Census survey. It’s basically the old long form of the census, but now it’s done on an ongoing basis, every month of every year. Each month a small sample of the population gets that form. It asks a lot of questions that help different agencies understand what’s going on in the country and make plans. The questions about when you leave for work and how you travel, for example, could be used to help estimate traffic patterns in your area and show where road improvements may be needed.

  54. Arif Kadwani says:

    The Census Form asks where I would live or my family members would on APRIL 1, 2010. It is still March 2010, and you want us to mail back the form immediately!!!!!

  55. Richard & bernice Thomson says:

    This all sounds good, BUT we have not gotten a card, letter, form, so whats up with that.

  56. Richard & bernice Thomson says:

    This all sounds good, BUT we have not gotten a card, letter, form, so whats up with that.

  57. Richard & bernice Thomson says:

    This all sounds good, BUT we have not gotten a card, letter, form, so whats up with that.

  58. ljspider2 says:

    All of us with a post office box have not received our forms. Those on my street who have mail delivered get their mail delivered by a post office in another county. Which county gets the population and benefits? This is a common practice in rural communities. I understand the form does not indicate where the property is located. Not enough information on the forms.

  59. kyawsoe says:

    hi i did recived census 2010 form but i lost this form where / how can i get the form please tell me

  60. Christine Stanton says:

    I did not get a form as of 3/24, will it still come or am I not being counted? And how many of us are not counted?

  61. Christine,
    Forms are being sent out, if you have not received a form by April 12th please contact our Questionnaire Assistance Center at 866.872.6868

  62. Michelle says:

    I have never received a form, are they still being mailed or do I need to call about getting one?

  63. Michelle,
    If you have not received a form by April 12th call the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at 1-866-872-6868 or you can pick one up at a be counted site. http://2010.census.gov/2010census/take10map/

  64. Scott says:

    I understand the function and purpose of the census as originally required by the Constitution-to determine the numbers of representatives each State gets. I am confused how this year’s execution of the census will accurately fulfill that purpose. I am in the military and not a resident of the State where I am posted. By counting me and the thousands of others as being “here” instead of in our home States, at the end of the year the Census Bureau will give the President a false count of how many representatives each State should get. Potentially, States/Districts with large military installations will wrongly benefit with additional representatives while states without will suffer the reverse.

  65. Scott,
    The planners of the first U.S. decennial census in 1790 established the residence rules we follow. This is defined as the place where a person lives and eats most of the time, and this place is not necessarily the same as the person’s voting residence or legal residence. Its also important to note the census also decides how more than 400 billion dollars worth of funding is allocated annually. People at your post still use transportation, roads, school and other services.

  66. Scott says:

    Thanks for the response. Although military manning and basing principles have changed drastically since 1790, with as few folks as we have on active duty (million and a half) compared to the overall population of the nation (300+ million) it probably doesn’t skew the numbers of representatives each State should get. The 400 billion in funding wasn’t something I had considered and counting folks where they sleep does make sense for that purpose. Thanks again.

  67. pranav patel says:

    I havent received the census form and i am getting mail that please send the form and is required by law. I checked website and i am not able to find the download link. I called the helpline no but no actual call center representative is there to help. Please let me know what should i do

  68. If you have not received a form by April 12th call the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at 1-866-872-6868 or you can pick one up at a be counted site. http://2010.census.gov/2010census/take10map/

  69. Tuyet Nguyen says:

    I rent room with my owner and I take his address too. But when he got a census from and fill out. He is forgot to put my family into it. And so, I want to ask: How can I get one census from? What is wedside or how I can get one? or can sent to me one to my address. I want to help community to get a best results about population.
    Thank you!

  70. TuyetNguyen says:

    How to pick a from at this wedside http://2010.census.gov/2010census/take10map/. Can you tell me, please!

  71. J C says:

    Appreciate the reply. Being realistic gets you nothing but the same ; )
    Regardless of whether I’m brown, tan, white, black or purple, I would like to have quality health care, speedy emergency access, good schools for my family, etc. Agree that age, the number of family members (population) and income level determine personal priorities and needs, but I don’t think race should or even needs to be a qualifier.

  72. mitch says:

    I have never received one either. I have tried to call the number and got a recording runaround(first ever) then checked web site and got another runaround.

  73. mitch says:

    you will get the runaround if you call. I did.

  74. mitch says:

    I am ashamed at the census. I received a form at my address in 2000, but for some reason I can not get one in 2010. Others in my neiborhood have gotten one and others have not. A co-worker living only 2 blocks away from me got his, while a co-worker only 1 block away hasn’t got one either. People hired must not be able to read a map. The co-worker that got a form received it on his porch not in the mail. What is up? I am tired of the recorded phone runaround (a first for me)!

  75. C. E.Hill says:

    We purchased a new home in another city, same state. For insurance, and security, I have changed my address to the new home, my wife coontinues to reside in the previous home as she still works in the area. In addition this is a new development and as of this date we have not received a census form.
    Should I (we), receive a census form and how will I complete it?

  76. Shelley says:

    Considering the huge volume of mail that is needed, the census is very well organized. This post gives an example of that. I did not know that the Post Office could deliver the census letters without your most accurate address. And it’s definitely helpful to know that even though the census did not use your most accurate address that you will still be counted accurately, provided you send it back in.
    The census is extremely important to the maintenance of our democracy. How else will the government know what sort of policies and programs to change or maintain if they don’t know the demographics of the American people? This snapshot of America is a simple way to do our civic duty, a civic duty that is provided for in the Constitution. From issues of redistricting to the number of schools and classrooms in an area, the census is a pervasive and necessary tool for the continuation of an American standard of life. I encourage everyone to send in their census as soon as possible.

  77. Robert says:

    Don’t complain so much about not getting a census form, in my cse they went overboard.
    Watched adds about census on tv,heard about it on the radio,got calls about it,received short form, received long form,answered follow up questions and then to top it off had a census taker come to my door. Waiting on Obama himself to show up next.
    Sorry they wasted so much tax money on me, hope you get your forms but not harassed with it over and over.

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