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Written by: Director Robert Groves

Today marks a rather important day for us at the Census Bureau. The first set of advance letters, mailed to a subset of the Update/Leave households should be delivered today by the US Postal Service throughout the country. We expect that there will be about 9.9 million letters received by households in the update/leave areas.

You’ll remember that these update/leave areas are ones where starting March 1, a census staff member will drop off a paper census form in a plastic bag at each housing unit, after updating our list of housing units.

This decade we’re doing this more than usual in the Gulf Coast areas affected by hurricanes.

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15 Responses to Big Day Today

  1. Don says:

    Well folks, your advance mailing almost got tossed in the circular file. The Phoenix AZ return address on the envelope is what through me. But out of curiosity, I opened the envelope and found the letterhead with the Washington, DC address. What are y’all thinking? Consistancy please!

  2. matt davenport says:

    waste of money

  3. Virginia says:

    BIG WASTE OF MONEY. I got one of those plastic bags yesterday and had a fit. I could not figure out why it happened. I guess this page explains it except that I live about 200 miles inland and was not affected by Ike, Katrina, or Rita. Ticked me off to have the form hand delivered as I believe that between the bag, the worker’s time, and her fuel reimbursement, it costs me (the tax payer) approximately $15 to accomplish what 44 cents could have easily done. I live in a single family dwelling where we have been the single family for 20 yrs now.

  4. Jason Grenn says:

    I am disgusted by your use of “federal” funding as a motivation for citizens responding to the census. The census is meant to quantify our representation by population distribution. You are basically hanging out the carrot of federal funding as if our government doesn’t take every penny away from us, the taxpaying citizens before they can give it to anyone for anything. You are promoting a horribly misleading and unconstitutional idea that our federal government is supposed to take money from some of its citizens and redistribute that money as it sees fit. You are running a vile confidence game to promote a simple tool to keep representation current with population. If you were worthy of your job you could successfully appeal to our patriotism.

  5. says:

    Another form of GOVERNMENT WASTE came today in my mailbox. I received a letter from the Census Bureau telling me that next week I would receive my 2010 Census. Why not just put the letter in the packet with the questionaire. Is it really necessary to spend the money to send a letter to tell us the questionaire will be here next week? Is this the best use for these MILLIONS of dollars?

  6. cadams says:

    i can’ believe that you would put negro in the block for race did you even look at our status, we are not negro in any place especially the united states of america, how dare you, overlooking the most important thing in writing the census is to make sure that it didn’t have something that is old as s—-

  7. David A says:

    Greetings Fellow Americans:
    To return or not to return?? That is the question. If you do not return, an American will have a Govt paycheck. Census pays ok. I am looking at the Census like a Govt make work program. I have long said we would of been better off if the Bail out had simply put people to work and then let em pay the mortgage. A singificant portion of the mortgage crisis could of been avoided with a program similiar to the old WPA.
    God Bless the USA
    An American Patriot

  8. Bob Harrison says:

    Why don’t you send to P. O. Boxes

  9. Last week a census worker came to my door even tho every thing I have read and seen on tv & web said that the form would come in my mailbox!!!!!!!!
    The census worker “Ms. West” out of the Taylor COunty,WV area proceeded to ask me who lived in my home and was I hiding any apartments on my land that she could not see from my front door??!! She also asked me other personal questions that I refused to answer at that time!!!! She left after I refused to answer her questions and after telling her I would fill out my form that I get in the mail not the one she had!!
    Two days later, I find my form on top of my trash can ( which is 1/2 mile from my home and not in view of my home!!!!!!!!)!!!
    Is that the correct way of dealing with the public????

  10. Barney Manzo says:

    My neighbors rec’d their forms and I didn’t. Why is that? As a voting, taxpayer citizen shouldn’t my form be automatically generated?
    What public office can respond to my request for a form to fill out.
    Thank you.

  11. Sherrie says:

    Why don’t you send to P.O. Boxes? I pick up my mail physically,and it’s in my name.You sure have a way of messing with people,American citizens at that.

  12. Sherrie says:

    That’s what I want to know. I pick up my mail physically. And I’am an American citizen.

  13. Sherrie, 2010 Census questionnaires are only delivered to residences. Each 2010 Census questionnaire is barcoded to it’s address.

  14. Ken Dupuy says:

    I’m actually IN a hurricane area & still haven’t gotten ANY form yet, as of May 28th. But, the February letter & April postcard arrived right on time, via USPS! Who delivered yours? Tell them to drop one off at my place. They know where I live; I got 2 in 2000. And, the 866 number’s been completely useless so far.

  15. Rich says:

    Are these people above for real? I’ve never read such drivel in my life. Really people, you need to get a life.

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