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“Demographic Analysis” And The Census

Written by: Director Robert Groves There are two principal ways that we try to learn about the size of the US population. One, the decennial census, is the focus of this blog. The other method, called “demographic analysis,” uses the … Continue reading

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How Two Homes Breed Duplicate Counts

Written by: Director Robert Groves I am starting to see articles in Northern state newspapers urging “snowbirds” to complete their census forms at their Northern address. (“Snowbirds” is the term describing people who migrate South every year to live there … Continue reading

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The Word “Negro”

Written by: Director Robert Groves There’s been some controversy over the race question wording in the 2010 Census form. The race question has often changed over the decades, as the country has changed and racial terms have evolved. The 2010 … Continue reading

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Misinformation About the Census

Written by: Director Robert Groves Looking over the Internet – both blogs, comments to websites, and emails – I am seeing some misinformation about what individuals must report on the 2010 Census. It might be a good time to remind … Continue reading

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The Blur of The Media

Written by: Director Robert Groves I’ve lived a quiet academic life for the most part, doing my research and teaching graduate students. The last week was one like no other for me. I found myself walking the halls of TV … Continue reading

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