Census in Schools Kickoff

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Written by: Director Robert Groves

I spent part of Monday morning at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore for the kickoff of the Census in Schools program. It was quite an event for the school, with Secretary Locke, Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, and Representative Elijah E. Cummings working together to unveil the program.

The CIS program sends every school in the country – 56 million students at over 118,000 locations – lesson plans, maps, teaching guides, and other materials to help teachers and students at all levels learn about the importance of the census. The curriculum is consistent with national standards and all materials are downloadable.

Digital Harbor High School was the perfect place to unveil our Census in Schools program, with the school’s strong commitment to preparing students to succeed in a digital world. Students at the high school also deserve the credit for designing the census logo for the city of Baltimore’s Complete Count Committee.

The Census Bureau is using Census in Schools to describe to young people how the census is relevant to their other studies, in subjects such as mathematics, geography, history and government. All students need to learn about the census in the same way they study other pieces of American history.

In addition, when the actual forms arrive at millions of households next spring, students can help their families fill out the forms and make sure they are counted. Parents and students have every reason to be counted – funding allocated by census data goes towards education programs, school construction, and improved transportation such as new school buses.

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4 Responses to Census in Schools Kickoff

  1. pds says:

    I’m excited to see the census playing a role in schools, particularly as a geographer concerned with equity and distribution of resources. How great would it be for our children to say that they want to work for the Census when they grow up!

  2. Jitti Kaur says:

    If you want a change in your society teach the Schools/students and this is a very important lesson/message to teach them. Lesson plans are great.

  3. Jonathan Green says:

    So how do I get someone from the CIS to come to my school?

  4. kev@censusstaff says:

    Please contact your regional census office about your interest in hosting a CIS event at your school. http://www.census.gov/field/www/

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